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3 Major Reasons To Get Wool Hunting Clothes

Wool Hunting Clothes

Wool is among the oldest materials that people have used to make clothes. Throughout history, people have used woolen clothes for all sorts of activities. This material is natural, which ultimately means it will benefit your body, especially if you are active outdoors.

Hunting has been around since the beginning of humanity. People needed to eat and become dominant in the hunting world. Our biological instinct is to hunt and eat. However, the concept of clothing and hunting has changed in modern times.

Nowadays, hunting is considered a hobby, and some find woolen clothing irritable. We are here to tell you that both of these can be beneficial to you. Below, we discuss three primary reasons you should wear such clothes on your hunts whenever you get the chance.

Wool Hunting Clothes

1. It is highly resistant to the elements

The first benefit of wool hunting clothes is their resistance to many factors. It can help you feel dry while you are hunting, and we all know that hunting is one of those activities that can have you sweating in no time.

Woolen clothing is water-resistant to some extent (not waterproof), which means that it will take more time to absorb water, such as rain or snow, and it will take you more time to feel that you are wet. With synthetic materials, you will feel every drop of rain as soon as it lands on you. With wool, you might not even notice that you are soaked.

Moreover, as you are sweating a lot while hunting, wool can absorb any odors your body releases, these odors will be captured into your clothing and disappear as soon as you wash your hunting clothes.

Another great property of this material is its fire resistance – although it is a natural material, it doesn’t catch fire and burn as quickly and readily as cotton and synthetics. Fire and hunting go hand in hand. Hence woolen clothing might be the best option for hunters.

Wool Hunting Clothesn

2. It is an excellent insulating layer in both high and low temperatures

Some may believe that wool clothes are not the best for summertime activities since they are known to keep your body warm. However, this is not the case. Although there are different wool hunting clothes for different weather, it’s still a great option, even for the hottest summer days.

Lightweight wool can keep your body cool in the summer. If you like to hunt in the hottest part of the year, you may be surprised to hear that there is a material that can keep you cool. As previously mentioned, this material can absorb any moisture you wouldn’t want on your skin, such as sweat, rain, and snow.

Getting lightweight wool hunting clothes can do wonders for you if you are a fan of hunting ducks, coyotes, rabbits, and other small game. Not only will you not feel the external heat, but you also feel dryer than you would with synthetic materials.

When it comes to winter hunting, it will keep you warm even in the most extreme weather. Whether it is raining, snowing, or simply cold outside, winter wool clothes will help maintain your natural body temperature. You will also be completely dry once you are done hunting.

Wool Hunting Clothes

3. High-quality modern wool offers a great deal of comfort

When someone mentions wool, you might instantly feel uncomfortable and itchy, but we need to bust this myth. Yes, the clothing our grandparents used to make might have been uncomfortable, but modern wool fabrics made for specific outdoor activities will not have the same effect.

Modern companies that make hunting gear will take their time and make their apparel feel soft and comfortable. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in your hunting clothes – you need to make sure that you will wear something that you feel comfortable in.

Hunters often have to stay in the same place for hours. It’s crucial to avoid sudden movements when waiting for the perfect shot, or you risk scaring off your prey. That’s why you need to wear proper clothing that will allow you to stay calm and avoid fidgeting.

As previously mentioned, the material used depends on the activity it is used for. When it comes to hunting, companies make the wool soft and comfortable, which means you can spend your whole day in it. Quality wool is one of the materials you can spend a lot of time in without discomfort.


People have engaged in some form of hunting ever since our humble beginnings in the savanna. The concept of hunting has changed over time, but hunting never faded and is still considered a popular hobby or sport. However, you are still out in the elements while hunting, so you must wear proper clothing that protects your body from external dangers. Wool hunting clothing items will help bring balance to your body, keeping you both cool and warm, depending on the weather. Wool is one of the best materials you can use for your hunting experiences.

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