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8 Reasons to Consider Fostering an Animal

Fostering and adoption are a little different. While with adoption you are giving an animal a new forever home, with fostering, you are giving them the love, care and attention they deserve while a suitable home is found for them.

Rescues and shelters are always on the lookout for fosterers as it frees up their premises to other rescue animals. Some rescues will not have a physical shelter and will rely solely on fosterers to help them care for the animals before they find a home.

If helping out a furry pal is of interest to you, but you are not sure you are in a position to adopt right now, here are 8 reasons to consider fostering.

It is super rewarding

Of course, the best part of fostering a pet is knowing you are making a difference in their lives. Rather than being in a shelter, your fostered friend gets the chance to be with a loving family with home comforts while they find their forever home.

If your fostered animal has come from a bad background or breeding farm, you get the chance to see their personalities totally transform thanks to the attention and love you are providing them.

Unlike adoption, it is not a lifelong commitment

Fostering is a great way to enjoy the love of a pet without the lifelong commitment. Those that do not have long term stability for whatever reason (planning to move, wanting to travel more, etc.) get the chance to look after an animal as almost a trial period before they go on to be adopted.

It is a great way to help out a local shelter, enjoy some furry company and not have to commit to forever.

Plus, those that are not sure having a pet is for them can benefit from fostering to see what the experience is like.

You are saving more than one life

By fostering a pet, and taking it out of the shelter, you are creating more space for more animals. The more animals that a rescue can place into foster care, the more animals they can look after. So, while you might just have the one dog or cat, you will actually be helping to save another life.

At a rescue shelter, it can be hard to give all the animals the attention they need. But as a foster parent, you will be able to keep a closer eye on their needs and any changes in their temperament or health. When you sign up to foster a pet, you might be given a specific vet to use. Otherwise, you should consider signing them up to a local service like

It fills the void of a lost pet

It can be heartbreaking to lose a pet. Nothing in the house feels quite the same without their presence, yet it feels too soon to introduce a new pet into your home.

Fostering can be a great in-between where you can make a difference to an animal’s life while they make a difference to yours. Taking a pet in temporarily can give you a better idea as to how ready you are to move on and can help keep you company for the meantime too.

And, who knows, you may even end up adopting your temporary family member.

Children can learn important life skills

Every kid thinks they want a pet and will persuade you that they are ready to take on the responsibilities.

Fostering can help you see if your family is ready to take on the challenge of having a pet while also teaching the kids important life lessons. Having a furry friend to look after can help children of all ages learn selflessness and responsibility.

Give old or poorly pets a place to live out their days

There may come a time where a pet finds themselves in a shelter because they are too poorly for their previous owner to look after them or perhaps they have had no luck in being adopted and now need somewhere to live out their last days.

If you are emotionally strong enough, Hospice fostering can be incredibly rewarding. You provide a poorly pet with a warm, safe and loving home that will keep them happy until the end – a much better scenario than them staying in the shelter long-term.

You will have a say in who adopts them

As a foster parent to an animal in need, you will know their personality and needs better than anyone. This makes you a valuable asset to the rescue while they are trying to find the perfect adopted parents. During foster, you might have nursed them back to health or watched them transform from a scared, shy little guy into a playful and excitable pooch. You will be in a great position to know what type of home your foster pet needs.

You will help them build trust

Animals end up in shelters for a number of reasons – and not particularly nice reasons, either. By welcoming a foster pet into your home, you can help them learn to accept love, build trust and gain confidence. All of this give them a better chance of being adopted.

Through the fostering process, you will learn what they are okay with and what they are not – meaning the rescue will know the exact type of family they are suited to.

There are so many reasons to foster a pet. If you feel you are not ready to adopt, or want a way to help out more than one animal in a lifetime, check out your local shelter for more information.

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