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CBD Oil Not Working? These May Be the Reasons

It’s possible that you are one of those who go against the CBD oil hype, simply because it didn’t work out for you. Sure, you have bought exactly what you needed but you seem not to get the effect you were expecting to.

So, you did your research and read all the articles you could on the internet. What could have gone wrong?

Well, you are not alone. Some people became “unbelievers” because of some factors. Here are some of the possible reasons CBD oil did not work:

You may have gotten your CBD oil from unreliable sources

Yes, you have read numerous articles about CBD and how it works. But that does not make you know the ideal brands in the market.

Every manufacturer would say they offer the best products. That’s part of marketing, of course. But if you want to really get the best, you should:

  • Know where the hemp is grown. The US Farm Bill has provided licenses for hemp farmers. Make sure that you only get products made from licensed producers.
  • Check out the label. Some brands would claim that they only use all-natural ingredients. That and more should be included in the information found at the back of the product. NEVER buy something that looks shady.
  • Read product reviews. Of course, the company’s website would only show the best of everything. Go outside of their website and check out those honest CBD reviews on the internet. Get the information straight from those who actually use the product.
  • Understand that CBD is not cheap. The extraction method alone costs a lot for manufacturers to get pure CBD, so expect that the products are quite pricey.

You haven’t used CBD oil for a significant amount of time

If you take medication, you would need to wait a little while for it to take effect. That’s the same with any health supplement like CBD oil.

It’s true that some people already feel the effects in a few weeks’ time but it isn’t applicable to everyone. It is possible that your body would need time to get used to the new supplement you are trying.

You may need to adjust your dosage

In connection with time, you may also want to check your intake. You may have to adjust the dosage of CBD oil you are getting.

The US Food and Drug Administration is yet to release its dosage recommendation. However, most reputable CBD oil manufacturers suggest that you start with the lowest possible dose.

Of course, you have to consider a lot of factors like your body weight and the reason you want to take CBD. If you haven’t felt the effects after a week, try to increase the dosage by 0.5 mg in the preceding week. Do this until you finally achieve the result you’ve always wanted.

You may need to use a different CBD product

Other than the good old oil, CBD products come in different forms. Thanks to the continuous effort of manufacturers, you can get CBD through:

  • Capsules and Pills
  • Gummies
  • Creams and Balms
  • Vaping
  • Cookies

Say, you have been using CBD capsules for a long time but you haven’t felt any changes. You may want to switch to a different form like CBD tinctures.

Again, this method would be effective depending on your end goal. Do you feel muscle pain? You may use CBD topicals. Stressed? Check out CBD oil.

It would be weird if you choose CBD lotion if your goal is to stop being anxious. Your emotions are not skin deep. Get the product that best suits your condition.

You and CBD are not genetically meant to be

Sure, CBD can do wonders… to some. You may belong to the 20% of the population that has a genetic mutation that could not be influenced by CBD.

It means that my endocannabinoid system (ECS) works differently from yours. Just like thumbprints, our genetics are unique.

You may consult medical experts about it. However, further research is necessary to check if this could be reverted.

You are taking in medications other than CBD oil

Just like any remedy, never mix other medications with CBD oil. It is possible that CBD isn’t working because it is contradicting with the effects of your synthetic medicine.

If you do so, your body might get confused. Worse, it may lead to some serious damage instead of making you healthy. Remember that your ECS receives the CBD, and it may get confused if the medication you are using has different side effects.

Your body may need more than one cannabinoid

Another possible reason is that your body may need more cannabinoids other than CBD. Remember that the cannabis plant has more than a hundred cannabinoids in it.

But be careful with your options. Only 0.3% of THC mixed with CBD oil products is legal in the United States. You want to be healthy, not high.

Some products are also blended with other natural ingredients such as essential oils. You may also want to check products that contain these oils as they may help you achieve holistic improvement.


CBD is a breakthrough in the health industry. It has helped alleviate pain, inflammation, seizures, and even stress and anxiety. More people have started using CBD products with positive results.

Before you say goodbye to CBD, there are certain factors you may want to take into consideration. There are tons of articles about CBD on the internet but it might take a little more time for science to fully approve of it.

Popping in CBD oil products inside your mouth once is not the end of your agony. It takes a lot of research, PATIENCE, money, and testing before you can prove that it really works (money because you are investing in your health; don’t go cheap on yourself).

But it all boils down to one thing: you need to educate yourself about CBD before anything else. As they say, the greatest wealth is health.


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