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What Is a Reading Glasses Strength
& How to Find Yours

Reading Glasses Strength

As we get older, most of us are going to need reading glasses at some point in our lives. Many think that not needing glasses earlier in life means they’re in the clear, but it’s totally normal to start having trouble focusing while reading or trying to see things in the distance. If this is starting to happen to you, don’t worry! It’s completely normal, and most adults reach a point in their lives when they need reading glasses and it’s nothing to be concerned about at all. If you’re experiencing blurry vision, or trouble reading, it may be time to invest in some reading glasses! The question remains, how does one get reading glasses? Are they prescribed? And how does one determine the strength of glasses they need? These are all questions we’ll be discussing today, so keep reading to learn about finding your reading glasses strength!

What is it and How Is It Measured?

Essentially, reading glasses strength is the strength that lens will need to magnify in order for you to read clearly. This is determined using a very simple method and in most cases, over the counter prescription reading glasses follow the same measurement system. The measurement refers to how much reading power or ‘diopter’ the lens delivers. Generally, the lowest reading glasses are measured at +1.00 diopter and increase in +0.25 increments for stronger prescriptions. However, guesswork when it comes to reading glasses strength is always a recipe for frustration, so keep reading for tips on determining what strength you need!

Determining Your Prescription Strength

The best way to determine your reading glasses strength from home is to use a test card. A test card will have a simple phrase written in different sizes, usually with a prescription strength written next to it (+1.25, for example). The first line that is clear to read is the prescription you want. This process is simple for anyone to do at home! In the case that none of the lines are clear, it’s probably a good idea to visit an eye doctor and see if you need a stronger prescription for glasses. Once you’ve determined your glasses strength, you can take the next step to getting yourself a pair of reading glasses! There are tons of great brand options online that offer a variety of styles, check out what they have to offer once you’ve determined your reading glasses strength.

Tips For Trying on Glasses

Once you’ve figured out your glasses strength and you’re ready to go out and try a pair, remember to grab a few things to read while trying them on. Remember, these aren’t necessarily glasses for everyday use, so simply observing your environment won’t be enough to determine whether or not they’ll be a good fit for you. Bring a book and maybe a magazine so you can try reading a few different pieces of material. Additionally, make sure you try looking at your phone and maybe reading a few emails. Reading on our smartphones has become an intrinsic part of life at this point, so make sure you check your vision on your phone with your potential new pair of reading glasses!

Consult With Your Eye Doctor

When in doubt, you should always contact your optometrist and discuss what options and methods may or may not work for you. There are many ways for people with mild blurring while reading to determine reading glasses strength and purchase a pair for themselves, but everyone is different and more importantly every eye is different. Even our two eyes usually differ in the way they process information. Most people who have been to an eye doctor know that each eye is measured both separately and together, so don’t take the uniqueness of your vision for granted! The best option for anyone who is still unsure of their reading glasses strength after testing at home should play it safe and consult with their doctor about the best options for moving forward. When it comes to anything related to our health, it’s best to play it safe and get the best information you can from your physician.

Reading glasses strength is something that everyone will likely need to determine at some point in their lives. It’s fairly simple to do at home with a reading card test, but if you find that the standard methods of determining the strength needed aren’t working, be sure to consult with your doctor for the best move forward. There are tons of great styles and options available for reading glasses, so if you’re experiencing blurry vision or trouble reading don’t hesitate to start the process of getting yourself a pair of glasses! Have fun on your search for a pair of reading glasses, you won’t regret it!

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