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Quick Ways to Research Symptoms: A Guide

Now and then, our bodies will throw up symptoms that we feel we ought to investigate. Whether that’s an unusual cough or a string of nights with poor sleep, it’s well worth keeping in touch with your doctor to spot what could potentially be something more serious. Identifying symptoms is one thing, but researching what they might mean, and how to overcome them, is quite another. This article is all about how you can find advice and information on your symptoms without straying into disinformation or worrying information.

Trusted Sites

One way to check what you’re suffering is to see what others have written about the topic online. You should feel comfortable typing your symptoms into Google, but you should feel skeptical when it comes to identifying which news sites and blogs you can trust, and which are based on sham science, rumor, or just poor information. If in doubt, always check the URL and assess the quality of the site’s articles. For pharmaceutical advice, check for their articles on all kinds of symptoms. For healthcare advice, you might first check government sources and global healthcare brands, and their websites.


If you have a doctor, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t call them if you develop symptoms you feel are unusual. Many people shy away from contacting their doctor until their health becomes seriously strained, by which time it might take a lot longer for their doctor to get them back to health. Instead, you should bring your concerns to your doctor as soon as you feel that you’ve identified something out of the ordinary about your health. That could be something as simple as a cough that latest far longer than usual, or a sickness you’re struggling to entirely shake off.


If you already know that you suffer from a certain illness, you might do well to join forums about that illness – whether or not you are experiencing unique symptoms. If you do feel unwell, and you feel that your illness might be related to your long-term health complaint, these forums can be a godsend. You can quickly share your experience, and people will get back to you if they have had a similar experience. This is most often the case when you’ve started on a new course of medication, and those who have taken it before can confirm that the side effects you’re experiencing were experienced by them too.

Health Agencies

As well as forums and websites, several online health agencies provide medical advice on a one-to-one basis, as well as share knowledge about certain illnesses and their symptoms. These agencies can be brilliant for an instant opinion on your symptoms, which can access as soon as you get to your computer. They’re also useful when it comes to offering advice on when you should see your doctor, such as when a cold or flu simply isn’t receding.

Use these tips to locate and make use of research and advice on your symptoms as soon as they begin to worry you.

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