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Qualities You Need in a Dual Diagnosis
Treatment Center

Finding a comprehensive therapy and rehabilitation program is crucial to helping those with personality disorders, mental illness, and substance disorders. By finding a method to treat co-existing disorders, organizations can help treat mental, physical, and emotional issues comprehensively.

Using a multifaceted program can help solve any underlying issues and root causes as to why the individual may be suffering from substance abuse or mental health issues. Finding the origin of the problems can provide insight as to why the patient is suffering and create personalized treatment methods.

Top qualities of a dual diagnosis treatment center

What is dual diagnosis treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment works to treat co-occurring disorders such as bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, or borderline personality disorder. In addition, dual diagnosis treatment centers work to treat those with substance abuse disorder, such as addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances. Reach out to The Edge Treatment to learn more about it.

While at a dual diagnosis treatment center, individuals use programs that have the goal of treating mental and physical issues at the same time as curing substance addiction. Doing this cohesively can help find out the trigger of what is causing the mental health concerns and addictive personality.

For those who have developed mental health concerns and personality disorders after suffering from substance abuse, weaning themselves off of substances at a dual diagnosis treatment center can help reduce psychological symptoms.

What to look for in a dual diagnosis treatment center

A dual diagnosis treatment program should have certain basics to be effective in treatment and rehabilitation, such as:

  • 12-step support
  • Experiential therapy treatment programs
  • Relapse prevention programs
  • Holistic treatment methods

How does dual diagnosis treatment work?

Dual diagnosis treatment uses mental health therapy to treat underlying conditions, tackle substance use issues, and figure out the root cause as to why the individual is suffering from an addictive personality. During an inpatient treatment program at a dual diagnosis treatment center, a patient can benefit from speaking with a psychiatrist and attending group therapy sessions.

Instead of giving drugs to someone who has a dual diagnosis at a dual diagnosis treatment center, the doctors may decide other treatments are more effective in achieving better results emotionally and physically. Some of the non-medication treatment choices for patients include talk therapy, individual one-on-one sessions, group therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Most of the time, a combination of these therapy modalities and medications can relieve some of the strong symptoms the patients are suffering from. By medicating and correcting the brain’s neural pathways to rewire the person to not think of substances and correlate substances with certain feelings, many patients can get relief.


Finding the right dual diagnosis treatment center is imperative to figuring out a treatment program to help determine the root cause of the issues, history of mental health, substance abuse concerns, and skills to effectively reintegrate into society.

By following a comprehensive treatment program, those attending a dual diagnosis treatment center can tackle various concerns in their life, healing their mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional self.

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