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Why You Need to Have a Living Will

Living Will

Too many people think that having a living will is only for people who are in their twilight years. While all elderly adults should have a living will, it's prudent to start your will while you're middle-aged or younger, even if you're in good health.

While your family can navigate your estate or medical situation without a will, the purpose of a living will make it easier for them to do so. But how does it work? What is the main purpose of a living will anyway?

We're here to talk about it. Keep reading to learn all about the purpose and value of having a living will.

What Does a Living Will Do?

So what is the purpose of a living will?

A living will exists to protect your wishes in the event that you are someday incapacitated. If you end up disabled from a terminal illness, develop a condition like dementia, or end up in a serious accident that leaves you unable to defend your own wishes, your living will comes into play.

When you have a living will, you get to decide how the hospital (or your family) will care for you. No one has to make decisions on your behalf; they just have to advocate for you based on the contents of your living will.

When you're writing a will, you're going to include things like medical care decisions, preferred treatments, treatments that you don't want at all, and end-of-life decisions.

With a living will, you know that your loved ones will adhere to your wishes.

What Are the Benefits of a Living Will?

As we mentioned before, a living will puts the future of your health in your hands. This means that you don't have to worry about receiving unacceptable treatments and you're able to decide for yourself whether or not you want care to continue beyond a certain point of incapacitation.

Your loved ones will also benefit from your living will.

Your living will takes the burden off of your family when it comes to making serious decisions. While you will appoint someone to be in charge of advocating for you and your decisions, that person will already know what you want.

If you don't have a living will, your loved ones will have to make difficult decisions for you. It's hard to make decisions about a loved one's health, and ultimately, death.

Your living will also helps your loved ones with finances surrounding your care and death.

That's the Purpose of a Living Will

If you don't already have a living will, it might be time to start drafting one. The purpose of a living will isn't just for you; it's also for your loved ones who will be responsible for your care in the event of a serious accident or illness.

Take the burden off of your family and start protecting your wishes by writing your living will today.

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