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What to Know When Purchasing Vapes in 2022?

Vaping is so popular that it's becoming more ordinary for people to use vapes rather than cigarettes. The hardware has evolved too. There are now vapes with different shapes and sizes, a good indication that the industry is rapidly growing.

So it’s no surprise if you would want to get in with this trend too. But you need to know some things first before purchasing your first vape. Lucky for you, this article is here to help.

Not All Vapes Are Created Equal

You can classify vapes into two main types – portable vapes and desktop vapes, each having its perks.

If you are always on the go, it would be best to choose a portable vape because it can fit perfectly inside your pockets. So when you feel the urge to vape, you can pull them out to take a quick toke while walking around.

Desktop vapes are more powerful and versatile than portable vapes. But they are also larger. You can carry them around, but you will need a bag or something with you.

Think About the Type of Flavor or Material You Want To Use

There are tons of options like oils, concentrates, or wax. And each vape can only use a specific type. That said, you don’t have to buy that much vape content, too, if you have a friend who’s willing to share theirs. But don’t forget to share yours also if they ask.

Are You A Social Smoker or Are Alone Most of the Time?

If you are one of those who only vape when they’re out with their friends, session vapes are probably best suited for you. There is only a certain amount of time the session vapes heat materials when turned on, so you will not be wasting your vape contents too much. That is because session vapes are specifically designed for groups to pass around.

If you like vaping alone, on-demand vapes should be a good fit. On-demand vapes can quickly heat your vape content, giving you a few hits every time you use it. But because of its power, it can burn your vape content rather quickly too.

Figure Out Your Budget

Vapes have varying prices. You can either find portable vapes that only cause $20 or a complex one that can cost you a couple of hundred bucks. So it would be best to figure out your budget first to narrow down your list. You can look at vape shops like Goldenleafshop to get a comprehensive view of the market.

Convection vs Conduction 

All vapes have chambers where you put your vape content to be heated. But not every vape uses a similar heating mechanism.

Convection vapes use heated air to vaporize the material in their chamber, while conduction has its heating element direct contact with the material.

For the vaping community, convection vapes are favored because they are better at yielding an even vape, resulting in tastier and higher quality vapor. The downside is, you’ll have to clean it regularly because of the vape contents that melt on the sides of the chamber.

Conduction vapes are cheaper than convection vapes and have instant temperature control. They are also very user-friendly. But as said, vaping enthusiasts prefer convection to conduction vapes.

Things to Remember When You Purchase Your Vape 

If you have already decided what vape you will buy, you still need to remember a few things first.

Maintenance Is a Must

Vapes can be complex. So it’s essential to read the instruction manual carefully and perform maintenance regularly to ensure you can use your vape for a long time.

You Can’t Vape Everywhere

There are still places that don’t allow vaping and smoking, like closed bars, cafes, and airplanes. Remember to follow these rules so you’ll have a peaceful vape session.

Don’t Forget To Do Your Research

Although most of what you need to know about vapes are in this article, you can still get more insights from other vapers. They might even tell you what flavors to use and what type of vape would be a perfect fit for you.


Vapes are becoming more popular. But before you buy one for yourself, you need to do a little research first. So be sure to share this article to let people know what they need to know before purchasing a vape.

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