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How to Make Your Home a Safe Refuge

By Jade C. Pulman

With the decreasing sense of security in the world, you may feel the need to transform your home into something that provides a stronger sense of security. After all, you want to feel that your home is a refuge, not just another place where you don't feel safe. This article will go over a few methods that you can use to keep your house safe and protected from threats both big and small.

1. Initial Pest Control

One of the dangers that may be lurking in your home is bugs and pests. These critters could actually be destroying your home without you even knowing. They can chew up the wooden structural elements of your home and expose it to further threats outside. They can also be making the inside of your home a health hazard. Mice have to poop, too, and the bacteria and disease that often lace their waste can then be squished and spread throughout your home. Not to mention the fact that you'll be breathing all of that crud into your lungs. To ensure your home is safe from the inside from the get-go, hire a pest control company in Houstonto take care of any pest or infestation problems you may be facing. With the inside now safe, you can start to place additional measures of protection to keep your home safe from the outside, too.

2. Change Windows and Doors

One of the first things you should consider is the entry points to your home. By securing those, you can reduce the chances of someone breaking into your home and stealing your items. In addition, many of the windows and doors that offer protective services can also help your house from being accessed by pests. Little bugs won't be able to squeeze into old windows and doors that no longer sit as well in their frames as they did before. Do a bit of research and find the set of windows and doors that are secure, shatter-proof, and thick enough to withstand a battering that works best for your home. By making sure the access points to your home are secured, you can turn your house into a place of refuge from the outside world.

3. Install Security

For absolute peace of mind, there are a ton of security surveillance programs out there that you can install in your home. Motion sensors, cameras, even audible sirens that allow you to yell at kids and potential burglars to leave your presence are available. If changing out the windows and doors of your home is impossible, then having a sensor that tells you when a window or door opens when it isn't supposed to can be an excellent option. Most of the security options these days also has a program that can be accessed via an app on your phone. So, you can check throughout the day via the app how the inside of your house is doing.

Finally, having a camera equipped with night vision is especially useful for those who have a pest problem. Pests, in particular, prefer to be active at night. A night vision camera can catch them in the act and can give a pest control company a better idea of just where to set their traps and focus their efforts when exterminating the problem.

Whether you use the security devices for general safety or to catch a sneaky mouse, you can transform your home into a safe location that you feel comfortable entering each and every day.

4. Make It Cozy

Sometimes all you need to feel safe is to create a space where comfort and relaxation are paramount. Whether that's regularly lighting candles, having throw blankets at arm's reach, or just painting the walls of your home a soothing color, you know what you need to feel comfortable.

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