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Great Ways to Comfort Yourself Without Food

By Jade C. Pulman

Sometimes life can be tough to deal with, we can find ourselves feeling stressed out. We can fell overwhelmed and just feel like we need to find a way to make ourselves feel better. Yes, comforting ourselves is an important thing to do, but sometimes the way we go about doing this isn't what is best. We tend to associate food with comfort, there is even the terminology of comfort food which usually applies to junk food. Not exactly the most healthy way to comfort ourselves, so what do we do? Well, not to worry there are some effective ways in which to pamper ourselves that are not only relaxing, but could also be beneficial to our health and well being.

Take a Long Hot Bath

A bath isn't just a way to get clean is also quite therapeutic. A nice hot bath can help a person to unwind and allow all the stress of the day to leave their body. As for those who prefer a shower, these can also be effective in helping to destress and help the body to relax.

Use Scented Candles or Diffuser

There is some truth to aromatherapy. Some scents can make a person feel more at ease, can bring them peace and make them feel better no matter what life is throwing them out.

Take a walk outdoors

A walk can help clear the mind. Communing with nature out in the fresh air can also provide a better perspective. Nature has a quality about it that can relax a person and walking works wonders on a person being able to declutter the mind and feel better.

Write in a Journal

May not seem like something that will comfort a person but just being able to write things down helps to unload everything and take it off a person's psyche. Those who write in journals find that over time it is something they want to do because it is a therapeutic and relaxing thing that really does help.

Get a Massage

A massage will not only help to relieve sore muscles but it will help to relax the body. It is an excellent way in which to pamper oneself because it really can make a person feel a whole lot better afterward.

Get a Manicure or Pedicure

Like a massage an excellent way to pamper ourselves, while doing something great for our appearance. Manicures and pedicures include things such as soaking the feet and hands, massaging them and then, of course, the grooming. For that matter having our hair done is also a way to pamper ourselves.

Spend Quality Time with Our Pets

Medical professionals have determined that spending time in the loving comfort of our pets can help a person well being. There is proof that a dog or a cat can help a person not only emotionally but physically. Which is why there are programs using pets as part of treatment for those dealing with serious illnesses. So, some basic comforting could involve just cuddling with our beloved pets, it will work wonders.

Music, Movies or TV

Make your pick, listening to music is a good way to unwind, and listening favorite songs will work wonders. The same applies to reruns of a favorite TV program or a favorite movie. A good suggestion is to cuddle up in your favorite blanket may be made out of fleece fabric, which has comforting properties all its own and then just picks your entertainment of choice.

Take Time for a Favorite Hobby

Don't think you don't have time for something you love to do, make the time. Whether it be painting, woodcraft, sewing or even cooking, spend time enjoying something you love to do. Working on something that you love is a good way to feel better and comfort yourself in the process.

These are some ways in which a person can pamper themselves without food. In some cases, these also don't require any money as well. The key is to always remember that comforting ourselves is important and there are many ways to do just that.

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