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Better Posture Can Lead to a healthier You

By Jade C. Pulman

A recent study showed that 80% of Americans have suffered from back pain. It is a miserable way to live life. Constantly canceling with friends just to lie in bed for hours with a cold compress. Well, what if I told you there is a way to cancel your date with pain and go live life.

Better posture can help you live a better and more invigorating life. It can give you the confidence you only dreamed of before. It can even help you have proper blood flow. These are all ways that having an upright posture can improve your mental and physical health. Overall it will give you a better quality of life.

You Can Live a Happier Life with More Energy

Another benefit of practicing better posture is an improved mood. It can also make you feel more energized. When you are constantly slouching forward it causes more stress to your spine. It can make your body feel heavy and achy. Which will make you tired and sometimes irritable.

Research has proven there is a connection between having poor posture and feeling fatigued. If you suffer from depression, this is more of a risk for you. There was a study done by the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. They found that people that have mild to moderate depression end up feeling more alert. Just because of maintaining better back posture. Over time they even felt less anxious.

The Confidence You Always Wanted

Everyone knows that a better posture will give a look of confidence. Maintaining your posture will also make you feel much better about yourself. Health Psychology did a study and found that sitting upright can help people that feel stressed. It helps them feel more positive and boost self-esteem. In some studies, they found that better posture could lead to a better image of your body. It is important that you know how to improve posture for a healthier you.

Do you have a major presentation or a job interview? This is an easy way to trick yourself. It will make you more confident than you really feel. Try using an Expansive Posture and make yourself as big as you possibly can. This posture can improve the way you see yourself. Over time it can even change your mind.

Much Better Flow

A better poster can be a way to improve your blood circulation and digestion. When you are slouched you compress your vital organs. This leads to poor circulation and your organs can't work as well. Proper alignment is required for healthy blood flow. It also helps if you avoid certain positions, like crossing your legs, which can cramp your circulation.

A great poster is especially important when it comes to the flow of blood to your brain. If you work at a desk, the proper poster can help keep your blood from pooling in your legs. It will also help you feel more comfortable. Good circulation of your blood means it will reach your brain properly. This will make it easier to think and complete tasks. Need to get through that mid-day lull? Try getting in a quick stretch. Then make sure you are sitting upright.

A More Productive Life

The benefits of proper posture speak for themselves. If you want to live a healthier life mentally and physically then improving your posture has to be step one. It will lead to a happier more energized life. It can help you feel confident even in a stressful setting. It can even help with your body’s natural blood flow.

There you have it. Have you been having problems with your back? If you have been feeling down you may need to try something different. Are you ready to lead a more productive life? Your posture affects this. When you are sitting properly at your desk it will make you take the task more seriously. Making it easier for you to focus on work.

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