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Boost Your Emotional Health With
These 6 Good Habits

By Jade C. Pulman

While taking care of your physical health is important, you shouldn't focus on making those lifestyle changes to the extent that you're neglecting your emotional health. Failing to take care of your emotional health can make you more susceptible to mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, and can open you up to developing physical illnesses. Fortunately, caring for your mind and spirit can be an enjoyable experience.

Control Your Thoughts

One of the most important things you have to do for yourself is to be wary of brooding or negative thoughts. Everyone has the occasional negative thought, but spending too much time on these thought patterns can increase your stress levels and open you up to depression. When you feel yourself brooding, start a new activity> that will occupy your mind. Doing a puzzle or playing a trivia game can help you distract your mind.

Meditate on a Daily Basis

The great thing about meditation is that it can be done almost anywhere and only takes a few minutes out of your day. Find a relaxing or peaceful place, where you'll be left alone for at least 10 minutes. During that time, sit in a relaxing position and close your eyes, allowing your thoughts to drift inward. This is a time to declutter your mind and restore balance to your thoughts, allowing you to make better decisions, when you return to your daily activities. You may have to experiment to find the ideal place and time of day.

Practice Good Hygiene and Self Care

Eating right and taking care of your body is also essential to your mind and spirit. While showering regularly, shaving, and doing all of those necessary daily rituals may help you avoid developing an unpleasant odor, nasty nail fungus, or irritating skin problems, it can also help you keep a healthy self-esteem. When you feel clean and fresh, you'll feel more confident and that will help you improve your daily interactions. How people perceive us can influence how we perceive ourselves, which is why good self care practices are so vital to our emotional happiness.

Get Back to Nature

You should make time to take in the outdoors as often as possible. In fact, you can double the effect of your daily meditations, when you meditate in a park or at the beach. Research has shown that just the act of being outdoors and inhaling fresh air has calming effect on the body and can even minimize the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Take a walk in the woods and don't be afraid to use all of your senses. Touch trees, smell flowers, look for interesting animals. All of these things can help you connect with nature and restore balance to your emotional wellbeing.

Spend More Time Socializing

If you don't have a moderately sized network of friends, it may be time to get out there. Spending time with friends and engaging in fun activities are great ways to boost your emotional health. Additionally, studies have found that people with strong social networks experience less cognitive decline in their later years. Spending time with friends can also mean engaging in physical activities, so socializing will benefit your physical health, as well.

Exercise the Body

We all know that rigorous physical activity is essential to maintaining good physical health, but it also enhances emotional health. Getting a good workout is one of the best ways to reduce stress levels and improve your mood. To maximize the benefits of your workout, choose activities that you enjoy and pursue a variety of different physically strenuous hobbies. Doing something different each day will let you work out different parts of the body, as well as helping to keep your mind challenged.

As you begin to engage in practices that will benefit your mental health, you'll begin to experience higher energy levels and a better outlook on life. This new emotional experience can even help you become more productive, benefiting you in various aspects of your life. Even if you begin doing just one or two of these activities, the change in your emotional state will encourage you to keep up with them and they'll soon become normal parts of each day.

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