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5 Best Vitamins and Supplements to
Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety

By Jade C. Pulman

Living a full and productive life means that you may have a great deal of stress and anxiety that you have to deal with due to all of the things you need to accomplish. However, there are certain ways to lessen the stress and anxiety that you feel on a regular basis. There are vitamins and supplements that can help reduce your stress and anxiety if you take them on a regular basis. Learning about these different vitamins and supplements will give you a calm and relaxed approach to choosing the right vitamins for you.


If you have a hard time staying happy and constantly have mood swings, you need to try out 5 HTP. This will be a supplement that can greatly help you in your search for a happier and less stressful life. 5 HTP helps to increase serotonin in the brain naturally. This will give you the ability to feel happier overall and have a much better quality of life. If you are able to push yourself to a new level of happiness with 5 HTP, you are going to have much less stress and anxiety in your life.

Activated You

Maggie Q, the co-founder of Activated You, understood just how important it was to have natural supplements that could help our bodies. From probiotics that will help your digestive system all the way to mood stabilizers, Activated You is a great way to push yourself to a happier and healthier style of living. With these products, you will be able to reduce your stress and anxiety by living a much healthier life. Make sure that you do your research before picking an Activated You supplement that is going to work best for you. With the many different options available, it is important to choose one that is going to work the best for your unique situation.

Vitamin D

When you are regularly out in the sun, you are going to get all of the vitamin D that you need. However, if you are unable to get the right amount of vitamin D from natural sunlight due to the colder months, you should take supplements that will keep you from having a vitamin D deficiency. When you live in a place like Seattle where you just don’t see the sun on a regular basis, it is important to keep your Vitamin D levels high to combat against depression and anxiety.

Vitamin B 12

Vitamin B 12 is going to help you feel much more energized. When you don’t have enough energy to get through the day, it is going to be difficult for you to not feel overwhelmed or stressed out. Taking vitamin B 12 supplements will give you the extra boost that you need in order to make everything on your to-do list come to fruition. There are many different vitamin B 12 supplements that you can choose from. Make sure that you do your research before picking a supplement that you think is going to be right for you.

Valerian Root

Valeric acids have been shown in studies to help fight against anxiety. Taking valerian root supplements on a regular basis will give you the ability to have a much less anxiety-ridden life. You will feel much more put together and less anxious after you have been taking valerian root on a regular basis. Most health food stores will carry valerian root at an inexpensive price.

While you might be living a very stressful and anxiety-ridden life, there are things that you can do to be much more in control of your life. It is important to remember that there is help out there. Simply taking supplements and vitamins can help you feel much better about your life as a whole. Before you know it, you will be able to put behind you all of the feelings of overwhelming anxiety that have held you back for so long.

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