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Important Things to Consider Before
Any Type of Body Modification

By Jade C. Pulman

We live in an exciting time. If you're not happy with your body and you have tried everything possible to change it, you could have a medical procedure, get a tattoo, piercings or have other things done to modify your body. However, these body modifications come with risks, and it's not only about the risk of infection. Some modifications can cause you to lose your sight, teeth or body tissue. It's essential that you consider every possible outcome before you finalize your decision.

Want Versus Need

There will be people who will tell you that most body modification processes aren't necessary. This depends on what you consider a necessity. Before you do anything to your body, consider whether it's coming from a healthy place. Body modification can't magically cure insecurity, but it can help to correct an issue that has been the target of bullying your whole life. Body modification can help you to express your true self. However, you need to consider whether it will improve the quality of your life. Don't feel you have to avoid body modification out of criticism or shame. Don't seek it because others push you to do it or ostracize you unless you do it. Your decision needs to come from you entirely.

Permanence and Maintenance

Some forms of body modification can't be changed at a later time. You need to consider how your life will be at a later point and what might happen as a result of your body modification. Some things can be reversed, but they could prove to be costly. Breast implants might help to even out your body, but they can create considerable back pain as you get older. Other forms of body modification will need to be maintained as well. Tattoos don't keep their original shape or color over time. Going to facilities that employ highly skilled artists and have years of experience will be the best place to go for this type of modification.


Before you do any body modification, you need to consider whether you're a healthy candidate before going through with it. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for surgery, implants, piercings, scarification, stretching and other types of body modifications. For instance, if you have poor circulation, are diabetic or don't otherwise heal quickly, surgery can be risky for you. People with poor circulation are at greater risk for infection. Usually, smokers aren't good candidates for teeth implants. For any body modification, it's wise to seek medical advice from your primary caregiver who has extensive knowledge of your medical history. You also need more than one opinion. You need to know the risks you face ahead of time to make an informed decision.

Downtime and Recovery

With any body modification, you can expect a certain amount of downtime. There are certain things you can't or won't be able to do after you have had a procedure. The more invasive and intensive the body modification is the longer you can expect your downtime to be. Carefully schedule your downtime. Plan out what you will be doing during this recovery time. Arrange for a wide variety of activities. You might want to read a book or get caught up on your favorite TV show.

Be kind to yourself in this time. Don't worry if you have initial swelling or bruising. That's to be expected with some forms of body modification. Your number one priority is to heal. You might need to avoid showers, so you'll want to freshen up with wipes and wash rags. If you get piercings, you will need to keep the sites clean to avoid infection. Surgery requires rest, relaxation, healthy food and water. Don't try to work or do anything that will cause you stress while you're recovering.

Whether or not you decide to change your body, decide to love yourself daily. Loving yourself means choosing what is best for you, whether you seek body modification or not. If you decide not to do it, that's okay. It's nobody's business how you choose to express yourself.

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