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PTSD From False Accusations: How To Fight It

False Accusations

When it comes to false accusations, it's hard to get back from that, especially when gaining your good reputation back. But, unfortunately, there are cruel people with bad intentions who falsely accuse you without resolving the issue.

Regardless of whether or not the issues are discussed or not, it should go without saying the PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) may soon follow from the many backlashes of the people around you who will have a say regarding the false accusations against you.

So, how do you fight off PTSD from false accusations and get back on your feet and on with your life? Here are the best ways to ensure that you don't feel down anymore and forget the effects of false accusations.

How to Get Help With PTSD

Seek help from a therapist

There's nothing wrong with asking for help, especially when a professional is involved. For example, in very dire situations where you are accused of rape or murder, you have every right to ask for a therapist to talk to console your negative feelings.

It's hard already to have people accusing you of crimes you didn't commit, so having someone to talk to who is paid to listen and try to make you feel better is one of the best things to do in these situations.

Meditate alone

Meditation tends to help alleviate stress and depression since you are focusing on your mantra to channel all positive energy and replace the negative energies with it. Many claim to have their lives changed by meditation, and this might be the step that will edge you closer to feeling better again.

When falsely accused of crimes you didn't do, it can leave scars in your spirit that will forever be tainted. Meditation can slowly alleviate this issue and heal you again after a gruelling court experience that you want to forget soon.

Get a lawyer to countersue

A domestic violence or sexual assault lawyer who takes charge of cases that falsely accuse plaintiffs can make a counter sue proposal of libel if the situation gets too out of hand. This means that you can restitute for damages done to clear the name and get compensation for damaging their reputation.

Furthermore, specific statutes don't allow individuals to ruin someone's image by false allegations that are far from the truth. If this happens to you and you have PTSD, the case is even more vital for a conviction.

False Accusations

Spend more time with close friends and family

While it may be difficult at first to stomach the fact that some of your friends and even family members will hate you for something you didn't even do due to false accusations, there are some out there that believe you till the very end.

Spend time with these people and restore your faith in the world as the storm subsides, and everything will slowly go back to normal.

Spend more time with your hobbies

Doing the favourite things you want will ensure that you are busy with something outside of the incident that you are worried about relating to a false allegation.

Whether it be video games, comic books, or going out to do something recreational, it's best to do them with enthusiasm so that you'll slowly forget the terrible things that occurred to you due to false allegations.

Join organizations that you are interested in

Suppose you're passionate about something in life like saving the environment or endangered animals. In that case, it's best to join organizations that support a vast cause to open your social circle even further.

When it comes to false accusations, you are bound to burn bridges and destroy relationships for those who aren't your friends who listen to rumours more than they should to you. So, find some new friends out there. There is no shortage of people to talk to and hang out with, and maybe you should meet other people to enjoy the outer side of the world more.


It's not easy to deal with a false accusation. Friends and family will put doubts on you, and the moment the false allegation is revealed, there are still those who won't believe them, leaving you in such a bad state. When the worst occurs, it's best to call a professional like a legal counsellor or a therapist to fix the issue at hand better.

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