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5 Psychological Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be a daunting proposition, especially if you’re considering one of the larger, more invasive procedures. Although cosmetic surgery is rightly linked to physical alterations, it can yield some tangible mental health benefits beyond simply changing the way you look. In fact, a new outlook on life is one of the many reasons that people choose to undergo a procedure.

#1 Increased confidence

Perhaps the most tangible difference of all is an increase in confidence. The reasons for this are fairly obvious. Most people venture towards cosmetic procedures because they want to make improvements to the way they look. A poor body image can have long term and damaging effects on your confidence levels, making it difficult to thrive in social situations and even in settings like the workplace. Not all cosmetic surgeries are hugely invasive or designed to make sweeping changes to how you look. Cosmetic surgeries like those from offer a range of procedures from the extremely minor to the more invasive. Even a small change can make a big difference to how you look, impacting confidence and giving you a greater sense of self. With increased confidence comes improved life prospects and you’ll probably find yourself willing to take on more activities. Shyness associated with how you look becomes worse over time and can really affect how you live your life.

#2 Boosted social skills

With increased confidence comes better social skills. Most people have experienced feelings of shyness or uncertainty in a social situation, especially if it’s a pressure environment like a meeting or a place where you don’t know many people. This is normal, but can become a problem if it’s chronic, happens everywhere and hinders the way you interact with people, making it harder to form relationships. Worse still, if this social anxiety is linked to the way you look, it can be truly debilitating and difficult to shake off. Altering your sense of self is one way to solve the problem. Cosmetic procedures give you the chance to remake not just your physical appearance, but how you perceive yourself in a group setting. Many leave the surgery feeling revitalized. They aren’t just more confident, they’re more confident in social situations, which leads them to develop an array of new social skills that will help them to form relationships and make connections in the future.

#3 Improved body image

Of course, body image is the primary factor for considering cosmetic surgery. There are lots of things that a person might want to change about themselves. These range from simple rhinoplasties to facelifts and even liposuction. A poor body image can have devastating effects on your life that extend well beyond just a lack of confidence. People who dislike the way they look are prone to avoiding social situations, which can lead to a spiral of increasing anxiety and isolation. When your body image begins to distract you from day-to-day activities and always seems to be a cause for concern, cosmetic surgery becomes a viable solution. It’s important to remember that some people will never be happy with how their body looks, regardless of the surgery. This might be symptomatic of a more serious underlying condition like body dysphoria. In that case, your body becomes an endless source of anxiety that’s difficult to remedy without seeking medical help.

#4 Decreased anxiety

Somewhat linked to the previous point, body anxiety is a major cause of more generalized anxiety. People with poor body image can obsess over how they look, sending them on a downward spiral into even more anxiety. Other factors contribute, too. Avoiding social situations, feeling shy and struggling to rally yourself into confidence can all prey on the mind. Over time, those concerns morph into anxiety, which can in some cases become debilitating. Cosmetic surgery should in no way be considered a “magic bullet” type solution to curing anxiety, but if the anxiety is linked solely to body image then it can certainly help. Understanding the source of your anxiety is important. If you know that poor body image is responsible for your feelings of low self worth, stress and overthought, then cosmetic surgery might be the option for you.

#5 Enhanced mood

All of this, of course, equates to improved mood. A better body image, the chance to flourish in social situations with more confidence and the loss body related anxiety all make a massive difference to your overall mood. Many leave a cosmetic surgery procedure feeling as though their life has changed and a weight has been lifted.

Even the smallest of procedures can make a massive difference, and without the ongoing stress of a poor body image, many report enhanced mood. Although some procedures take more time to recover from than others, the end result is often a feeling of enhanced wellbeing.

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