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Different Providers and Platforms Offering Carbon Credits in Australia

Are you looking for information on what Carbon Credits are and how to purchase them in Australia? You’ve come to the right place. Climate change is an issue that's becoming increasingly urgent, as temperatures rise and meteorological events become more severe.

Making a positive environmental impact has never been more important - and that's why purchasing carbon credits can be a great option for those who want to invest in a greener future. In this post, we'll explore different providers and platforms offering carbon credits in Australia so you know your options before taking the plunge. So let's get started!

Overview of Carbon Credits and Their Importance in Mitigating Climate Change

Carbon credits are an innovative and revolutionary way of lowering carbon emissions and combating global climate change. In essence, carbon credits are a tool that allows large carbon emitters to purchase the right to emit carbon into the atmosphere.

By acquiring carbon credits, carbon polluters can offset their emissions in line with local and international carbon policy targets. As such, carbon emissions in Australia are reduced both domestically and abroad through offsets created within TEM. Of course, all carbon credits come with certain standards and expectations set by organisations governing them.

Consequently, it’s important for carbon emitters to know exactly who provides the carbon credits and what requirements must be met before buying them for use in offsetting their carbon footprints. On the whole, carbon credits represent a great opportunity to help mitigate climate change on a global scale and are increasingly becoming recognised as a powerful solution for tackling this problem head-on.

Types of Carbon Credits Available in Australia, Including Voluntary and Compliance Credits

Carbon credits are an important part of mitigating carbon emissions and combatting climate change in Australia. It can refer to carbon offset projects, carbon sinks, trading schemes or carbon pricing. Carbon credits in Australia come in two forms: voluntary carbon credits (sometimes referred to as carbon offsetting) and compliance carbon credits.

Voluntary carbon credits are typically purchased by individuals and organisations who want to reduce their own carbon emissions, whereas compliance carbon credits are utilised for regulatory purposes – either for the company itself when it has exceeded the allowable emission limit set by its trade body, or by governments that need additional carbon offsets when a country is not meeting its goals under an international agreement such as the Paris Climate Agreement.

Comparison of Different Carbon Credit Providers and Platforms in Australia

Deciding which carbon credit provider to use in Australia can be daunting for new investors. Fortunately, keeping an eye out for certain features can help you make the best decision for you. TEM is one carbon credit provider that stands out from the rest due to their carbon credits being defined by Australian government regulations and certifications and their easy-to-use platform.

They also provide access to carbon prices with visibility into carbon offsets so buyers can familiarize themselves with current market values before they buy carbon credits. As carbon credit providers continue to emerge, it is important to maintain a consistent standard when looking at factors such as certification and pricing before making a purchase.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Carbon Credit Provider or Platform, Such as Certification and Verification Standards

Choosing the right carbon credit provider or carbon offset platform can be a daunting task, especially with carbon credits Australia increasing rapidly. Factors to consider are certification and verification standards. Certification guarantees that carbon credits are accurately calculated, monitored, reported and verified for their real-world carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) reduction results.

When looking for a carbon credit platform or provider it's essential to find one that offers standard carbon certification. To ensure credibility, look for third-party verifiers who have the skills to evaluate and audit your carbon offsetting activities, effectively reducing the risk of building up additional emissions from carbon offsets purchased from fraudulent sources.

Case Studies of Businesses That Have Successfully Utilized Carbon Credits to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint & Achieve Sustainability Goals

Carbon credits are gaining attention around the world, with businesses seeing carbon neutrality as a key objective. Several organizations have successfully adopted carbon credits in their sustainability journey to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, Microsoft recently committed to becoming carbon negative by 2030 and has already achieved carbon neutrality through purchasing carbon offsets and carbon credits over the past few years.

Through investing in renewable energy projects such as wind farms and solar, Microsoft has been able to purchase carbon credits that nullify its own carbon emissions. Similarly, Johnson & Johnson, an American multinational medical device company, also bought carbon credits from domestic renewable energy sources to become carbon neutral in 2018 and combat climate change.

Best Practices for Purchasing and Utilizing Carbon Credits for Businesses and Individuals in Australia

Purchasing and utilizing carbon credits can be a great way to help protect the environment and reduce the impact that our everyday activities have on it. To buy carbon credits, businesses and individuals in Australia should prioritize buying from reliable, certified providers as this is the best way of ensuring that the purchase is authentic and working towards offsetting carbon emissions in approved ways.

Additionally, these purchases should be regularly audited to ensure their efficacy in mitigating climate change. In sum, by considering these best practices when purchasing and using carbon credits, Australian businesses and individuals can participate in environmental protection in an effective and verifiable manner.


In conclusion, carbon credits have become increasingly important in mitigating climate change due to their ability to reduce the amount of global greenhouse gases. Whether you are a responsible consumer, an organisation committed to sustainability or you just want to make smart investments in a growing sector, these options will be great choices for everyone looking to mitigate climate change and make money out of it.

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