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How to Protect Yourself During Flu Season

Flu season is a cause for concern for many people who don’t want their daily lives disrupted by this troublesome illness, especially during the holidays, which should be a time for celebration and socializing with loved ones. So, you don’t want to be caught off guard by a flu virus and end up missing most of the action.

Here are the best ways to protect yourself during flu season.

Keep on Top of Your Vitamins

Prepare your body and immune system to better fight flu viruses by ensuring that you take enough vitamins and nutrients and stay on top of a healthy diet. Reset IV offers vitamin and nutrient boosting packages, which can help to effectively tackle the symptoms of flu and keep you fighting fit.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

You don’t realize how many things you touch on a daily basis, especially in public spaces. It may be a door, a railing or a telephone; all it takes is to touch an area in which flu germs have settled for you to easily catch it. Washing your hands regularly – especially when you have been in contact with public surfaces – means that you can avoid the spreading of flu germs. This is even more important if you have been in contact with other people, such as shaking hands with colleagues at work.

An iPhone app has been developed that reminds you when to wash your hands and how to do it properly - Wash hands: beat germs. The app follows the World Health Organisation "Clean Care is Safer Care" hand washing protocol and encourages users to set reminders based on the guidelines set out in the protocol. The app is completely free and will remain so.

Avoid Touching Your Mouth and Face

Despite staying on top of your hand-washing routine, germs are still able to spread, so it’s important to take extra precautions such as avoiding touching your face and mouth. This can allow the germs to spread easily to your face and risk you catching the flu. You will need to be more conscious about your hand movements, as a lot of face touching happens unconsciously, like leaning on your hand while you are working at your desk.

Stay Away from Others Who Are Showing Signs of the Flu

This means absolutely anybody who is showing signs of illness. It could be a stranger on public transport – in which case, you should try and not get too close to them – or a coworker who is clearly coming down with the flu or a loved one. A coworker, friend or family member may be sneezing or coughing a lot, and it’s important to pick up on these signs and try to keep enough distance. It can be troublesome if it is your partner who is showing flu symptoms, especially if you live with them, so you may want to take extra precautions such as sleeping in separate bedrooms until their illness has passed.

Keep Yourself Healthy and In Shape

In order to give your body the best chance at fighting off any illness, you need to be healthy and in shape. This means plenty of exercise and a good diet. Keeping in shape strengthens your immune system and means that your body is in a better condition to keep germs at bay. This also means making sure that you are well-rested and getting enough sleep. Bodies that are tired and run down are easy prey for flu germs.

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