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Protect Your Family By Trusting Sunflower Health Plan

Do you ever wonder the number of days left of yours on this earth as you never know what lies ahead! It might sound absurd too but this is the reality that each individual should be knowing. It is however, true to say that in the advancement in medical science and technology, we have been seeing something unpredictable that no-one can ever think of. To get away with it, the cost is quiet expensive because the medical expenses including the general care in a reputable hospital can be out of the budget for general population. Don’t worry! We are not here to drain all your money or make you bankrupt but instead we are here so that you can trust us and know that when the work is given to some experts, it is something that you should not worry about. Your truly companion, Sunflower Health Plan can not just allow you to have an affordable health plan but can also provide with quality care that one has always wished for.

About us:

We have been licensed by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). The NCQA has classified us as a conveyance framework of doctors, emergency clinics, different suppliers, and authoritative administrations that has throughout the years constantly improved the nature of care and administration provided to our people. Wehave continued in building ourselves over the past years after our foundation is laid.

Our Services:

Apart from health plans, we offer a comprehensive range of health insurance solutions. We function with other organisations too hence delivering services like care management software, behavioral guidance, teleheath services, correctional healthcare services, dental assistance as well as an up to date pharmacy.

Our Mission:

We are truly devoted to improve medical services quality. We believe in fulfilling three targets.

Firstly, we concentrate on individuals by treating them with kindness and give them attention as well as time so that they too are the part of a vibrant family. It is true to say that people are the utmost assets of any organisation hence we give our best in building an organisation that is more people oriented rather than machine based.

Furthermore, you must agree to the fact that when a person is mentally stable, he automatically spreads positivity. We not just take care of the body but instead the whole person. We help improve medical, physiological, behavioral and social conditions to build a treatment that covers all the factors influencing a person’s health. In short, our professionals address the root of the issue rather than the symptoms.

Morover, we support in active role of locals as it allows a meaningful yet accessible healthcare. Indeed, this initiative is beyond participation and involvement. The connection between the organisation and the society encourages people to improve themselves as a core responsibility.

We are eternally pledged to help you. We always show our best and provide the results that are surely above your expectations. We look forward in knowing more about you so that we make a positive experience of yours.

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