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Prosperity and Kriya Yoga: Do They Connect?

Kriya Yoga is an ancient meditation technique that allows you to grow spiritually. Kriya Yoga uses a combination of methods to teach practitioners how to control their life force, move it up and down their spine in order to become aware of the self. The outside world, in contrast, and its material form is blocked to make room for a deeper connection with the Divine.

This practice is extremely complex, and if you are interested in adopting it, you may have also heard about the concept of prosperity. But the word itself usually refers to things in the material world: wealth, success, abundance, richness, and so on. But is it the same for the spiritual world? Or, can prosperity even be achieved through spirituality?

kriya yoga

What Is Prosperity When It Comes to Kriya Yoga?

In spiritual practices, the concept of prosperity is not foreign, though its meaning differs from the one most people are used to. Here, in Kriya Yoga, prosperity means living one’s life in accordance with dharma. It is a set of principles that show a natural order that makes life and the universe possible, from human behaviors, rituals, morals, or even ethics.

In dharma, people must accept that harmony and order are crucial to the world, and the natural laws should serve as a guide on how to act, in order to prevent chaos. In Kriya Yoga, one can only achieve true prosperity by respecting this natural order and, as a result, freeing oneself from their own obstacles that may prevent them from doing so: fears, doubts, greed, etc.

But what is prosperity when you live in accordance with dharma? Well, it is a state you wish to achieve, one that removes all your life’s obstacles, and lets you connect with your true self. At the same time, you begin to clearly see the bigger picture, the Universe in all its immense power, and how you, or people in general, are just a small piece of the puzzle.

If you start living in accordance with dharma and prioritize the well-being of the Universe instead of self-prioritization, you’ve reached the highest form of prosperity in Kriya Yoga. Simply being more aware of the world around you begins to unlock spiritual prosperity.

kriya yoga

How Can It Be Achieved?

While in the material world, prosperity is deeply connected to the outside elements (money, property, etc.), prosperity in Kriya Yoga can only be achieved from within. When you are practicing prosperity meditation, your actions have no effect on the Universe itself, but you begin to change your inner self to achieve spiritual prosperity.

You achieving peace and prosperity won’t repair any damages in the Universe or the material world, at least not at a macro level. But your own life, your "self," can be changed forever.

And you are not necessarily changing yourself, but rather your inner self, which can be different. Changing yourself involves changing your actions, reactions, but the modifications to the inner self lie much deeper than that. Your inner self is essentially your own life source and your soul. If you want to achieve peace and prosperity, you have to work on reconnecting with your inner self and let it guide you even in the material world.

And this can be achieved through prosperity meditation. When you reach a state of spiritual prosperity, it will create a ripple effect that seeps into the material world as well, as your life becomes better, more pleasant, and even less confusing.

kriya yoga

Spiritual Prosperity Is Completely Attainable

Achieving peace and prosperity through Kriya Yoga and prosperity meditation is completely possible, even if right now you feel completely disconnected from your inner self. Ellen Grace O’Brian can help guide you through this spiritual journey and achieve liberation.

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