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What are the Pros and Cons of Home Physiotherapy for Senior Citizens

Physiotherapy can be understood as the science of the movements of your different body parts. Anyone suffering from any medical condition which affects the body movements can take the help of a physiotherapist to get back to health. 

Additionally, if someone is looking to recover from an accident, physiotherapy is recommended. In case of injury during sports activities, healthcare professionals often advise physiotherapy as well. 

Moreover, different health conditions related to heart, respiratory system and diseases like Parkinson’s involves physiotherapy too. In Dubai, it is important to note that heart-related ailments and accident caused body damages are common. Thus, services including the best physiotherapy in Dubai is essential for better healthcare.

Physiotherapy and Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, due to various physical problems, may need physiotherapy sessions to relieve pain, adjust to the growing challenges related to movement, age-related illness and so on. Therefore, physiotherapy in the comfort of the home is very helpful for senior citizens. The same applies to the elderly in Dubai too.

Hence, we have listed some pros and cons of home physiotherapy for senior citizens. Find out what they are and decide the best option for you and your loved ones who are old. 


1) Comfort and convenience with home physiotherapy is unparalleled. It is one of the best advantages for senior citizens. In the golden years, aged people would prefer to relax and be comfortable within their homes. The hassles of travelling is too much for many of them. In such situations, taking them to the hospital for physiotherapy sessions is nearly impossible. 

Also, with services providing the best physiotherapy in Dubai, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of physiotherapist visiting your home and taking sessions. 

2) Mobility is an issue with senior citizens. The traditional form of visiting hospitals can take a heavy toll on their bodies and they may feel more stressed and ill. Subsequently, the condition may perhaps worsen. Therefore, home physiotherapy is the best method to help senior citizens. 

3) Just like doctor on call in Dubai, physiotherapy at home adds a special feature to care and treatment of patients. The personalized attention given to seniors is found to be helpful. As seniors in the house, they often look for people to communicate, befriend and who can take care of them regularly. Home physiotherapists can give that special care and bonding old people so often desire. The experts can help in the day to day activities as well. Moreover, they can teach new tricks and techniques to improve body movements as they spend more time with the physiotherapist. 

This personalized physiotherapy sessions wouldn’t be possible at hospitals as there are scores of patients who form the line to take these sessions. Also, it has been proved scientifically that physiotherapy at home helps in faster recovery as it boosts the emotional quotient of the patient which is necessary to get well quickly. 

What about those who live alone in their old age? For such people, physiotherapy at home is a boon. 

4) As physiotherapy involves different exercises to improve body movements, it is important to maintain a record of improvement daily. Thus, daily monitoring of the patient can help in the faster recovery period. With home physiotherapy, monitoring becomes much easier and hassle-free as the individual focus is given. 

5) Home physiotherapy can help you save time & money. You can cut your travelling time. Furthermore, you can reduce the money spent on travelling, consultation at hospitals. 


1) Sometimes the physiotherapy requirements of a patient is different than what it takes normally. To achieve the treatment objectives, machines would be required to conduct sessions. This is not possible at home as such devices are available only at hospitals. 

2) Home environment may not be apt for physiotherapy always. Space restrictions or other factors may impede successful physiotherapy of the patients. 

3) It is important to have a trustworthy physiotherapist who is professionally qualified for this job. 

These are some pros and cons of home physiotherapy for senior citizens. First Response Healthcare is one of the leading physiotherapy on-call service providers in Dubai. For more details, visit

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