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Everything to know about Laifen Professional Swift Special Hair Dryer


Each individual ought to put resources into a decent-quality hair dryer, as it's a distinct advantage for your styling interaction. Give your hair an expert touch by utilizing the Laifen hair dryer and blow dryer. In any case, this model is uniquely planned with development and accuracy; this hair dryer is an ideal illustration of easy-to-use highlights joined with cutting-edge innovation, offering an unrivaled and quick styling experience.

Also, these gadgets give cutting-edge innovations that incorporate fired warming and ionic drying, guaranteeing decreased harm and quicker drying times. Nonetheless, this item is accessible in various variations; clients can pick an item depending on their necessities and prerequisites. There are a few advantages of adding this item to your grooming list, some of which incorporate.

Quick Drying Innovation: This machine utilizes best-in-class drying innovation to assist with diminishing the general drying time without harming the hair. So, save your valuable time by changing to this ultra-edge innovation. 

Adaptable Intensity and Speed Settings: give your hair a classy look with adaptable speed and intensity settings. Whether you consider high temperature or a delicate breeze, this hair dryer accommodates your styling needs awesome. Also, this item conveys salon-like execution in your home.

Versatile Attachments: boost your styling abilities by attaching several additional equipment, some of them including a diffuser and nozzle. 

Compact and Travel-Friendly: The easy-to-use and carry features make this product the ideal product for every person, offering salon-like performance.

Technical specifications 

However, the Laifen hair dryer is simple and easy to use. Moreover, it only comes with two buttons. The top button controls the on/off switch and speed control. The top position is to reach the top speed, the middle position is for low speed, and the first position is to turn it off. 

However, this hair dryer includes a nifty feature that auto-cycles all the heat settings. All you need to do is press the heat button, and the dryer will run through high, medium, and low temperatures, ensuring the hair doesn’t burn. 

Moreover, users can get three nozzle attachments with the special version of Swift. A quick styling nozzle, a standard smooth nozzle, and a diffuser make the process easy for people with long hair. Moreover, this product is available in several colors; people can choose one depending on their needs and requirements. 

However, the rated power of this product was 1400W, and the voltage was about 120V. Moreover, the unit dimension is 277*70*89mm. Additionally, the product is lightweight at just 407g, and it also comes with a wire length of 5.9ft. 



However, a product is considered good only when every user considers using it. After going through several reviews, it is seen that people consider using this product for several purposes. According to several people, magnetic attachments and the air filter don’t grab the hair, and they also keep the hair away from damage. 

One thing that attracts every person to this product is its auto-heat cycle. Moreover, people can also dry their hair within 15 minutes without any casualty. Additionally, another thing that attracted people to this product was its easy-to-carry features. 

Moreover, every person looks for a hair dryer that comes with efficient drying, speed, and multiple heat settings for mobility and ionic technology to reduce pressure and frizz. Moreover, every person looks for an ergonomic and lightweight design for comfortable handling. However, if you are also looking for these features, consider choosing Laifen hair dryer. 

However, it is seen that one of the main reasons behind people choosing this product is because it has never failed to fulfill people's requirements. Be it any feature, this product has always been concerned with solving people's problems. Users can also gather relevant information about the product by visiting the official site. There are several options available; people can browse them and see which one suits their needs the best. Professionals say that the user needs to choose the best product when it comes to purchasing an electronic product. 

How is this product better than other hair dryers?

If you are planning to purchase a new hair dryer, both Laifen Swift and Dyson are popular as they are the best when it comes to hair dryers. However, people can expect better features as Laifen Swift is the latest design launched in 2020. Both products come with lightweight handles that are easy to grab so that you can dry your hair without any issues. 

Both the products have powerful 110,000rpm motors and magnetic attachments, which makes them worth comparing. After undergoing several debates, it is seen that the heat setting isn’t the same in both these products. Dyson hair dryer comes with four heat settings and a cool shot, whereas Laifen comes with three heat settings and a long press function. Additionally, the Laifen hair dryer is lighter than Dyson. Moreover, due to its improved technology, Laifen Swift allows you to dry your hair within 10 mins.

In terms of style, both products provide an attractive finish that offers them a premium feel and ensures they are comfortable and smooth to hold and use. Be it any requirement; the Laifen hair dryer never fails to fulfill it. However, purchasing this product won’t disappoint you. 


Each individual needs to buy a hair dryer that accompanies the furthest down-the-line elements to guarantee they have a salon-like experience at home. Be that as it may, the Laifen Quick hair dryer is lightweight and simple to utilize. It likewise gives the client an auto-cycle to control the intensity setting consequently. Because of a few connections, clients should rest assured that the machine won't snatch the hair. There are a few motivations behind why an individual ought to think about buying this item. As per an overview, each individual who has utilized this item guarantees it to be the best hair dryer they have at any point utilized. 

In the event that you are searching for another hair dryer, think about buying this one, as it accompanies every one of the most recent elements. Besides, this item likewise offers a smooth and exquisite look that makes it more alluring. This hair dryer can serve a wide range of necessities. To put it plainly, this item is the very thing you want to get a salon-like thorough search in only a couple of moments.

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