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In the Wake of COVID-19, Professional Life Sciences Translations Have Never Been More Important

Professional Life Sciences

Access to accurate information about personal health has never been more critical. In the face of a pandemic, valuable personal health information was lost in a deluge of dubious science, some intentionally misleading and some the result of poor translations. The latter phenomenon highlights the need for professional life sciences translations, particularly during times of crisis.

Ultimately, the COVID-19 pandemic will end, but that will not signal the end of sharing public and personal health & safety information. In fact, the pandemic has introduced greater networks of sharing information. Additionally, it has expedited the development of new treatments and technologies that are applicable worldwide. Companies that need translations for life science information should not hesitate to find the best service provider available. Here are a few reasons why:


Translating life science information requires a lot more attention to detail than something less consequential like subtitles for a movie or piece of marketing copy. Because of the gravity of health information, local governments have strict regulations and compliance procedures that must be followed when submitting something new. These compliance protocols ensure that new information is accurate and free of potential issues.

Professional language service providers who specialize in life science translations will have the proper certifications from accredited international organizations. With detailed medical information, lives are at stake, meaning there is zero margin for error. 

Application Up With New Technologies

Consider this fact: A COVID-19 vaccine was developed in under a year, besting the previous record for vaccine development by around three years! This is to say that technology in the healthcare sector is being developed at a rapid pace, far faster than even ten years ago. 

Most saliently is the development of wearable tech. Today we have ubiquitous tech worn around the wrist that measures basic vitals like the wearer’s heart rate. As consumers warm up to the idea of wearables such as this, developers will start pushing the boundaries. This technology's potential is tremendous, with researchers already developing prototypes for sensors that are worn over teeth or implanted under the skin. 

As wearable tech becomes more intricate, so too will the materials and information about the technology. Translating this information into local languages will require precision and the right compliance.

Information Sharing

During the early stages of the Pandemic, Harvard Medical School made medical headlines after their students created an information and data sharing platform with reliable, peer-reviewed information about the virus. The website and database were accessed worldwide by students and medical professionals alike and proved useful in developing virus-containing protocols.

That said, the website was only available in English and thus “restricted” to those who could speak and understand medical-level English. For relevant and timely medical information like this to be shared and digested by average citizens of countries around the world thusly requires translations into local languages. While it is (hopefully) unlikely that another pandemic will rise in the near future, the need for having credible and accurate information remains high.

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