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Can Probiotics Reduce Anxiety Depression
& Help Mental Health


It is common knowledge that eating the right foods has a great effect on your physical health. Just like the right diet, probiotics can go a long way in keeping you in the right physical shape. While there is no question to probiotics’ ability to keep you in physical shape, not many people are aware of the effect of probiotics on mental health.

At the moment, a lot of research is ongoing to determine the ability of probiotics to reduce anxiety and other mental ailments.

How Do Probiotics Work?

Before coming to a conclusion of the effectiveness of probiotics in reducing anxiety, you must have an understanding of how probiotics work.

Although there are no concrete pieces of evidence, it is believed that there is a strong connection between the gut and the brain. Due to this connection, if probiotics can make the gut healthy, they should be able to have a good effect on mental health.

Anxiety might be alien to some people. They, however, will affect up to 3 out of every four people at least once in a lifetime. It might appear like there is no definite medication for anxiety. Research, however, is pointing to the microorganisms that keep the gut in good shape as a positive reliable treatment for anxiety. Probiotics which are found in the gut are popular for helping with metabolism and improving the body’s immune system. Beyond helping with the body’s immune system, probiotics might have a major effect on the brain.

According to very recent research, the regulation of the intestinal microbiota has a positive effect on the brain.

It is not quite certain how effective probiotics are for anxiety. Research is ongoing on the effect of probiotics on anxiety, as well as a lot of other mental health issues. These studies are, however, not big enough and are yet to prove the effectiveness of probiotics in reducing anxiety.

How to Use Probiotics for Anxiety

Although it remains quite uncertain what probiotics can do for anxiety, lots of people make use of probiotic supplements in treating anxiety. Are you thinking of taking probiotic supplements for anxiety? The first thing you should do is talk to a healthcare professional. Although probiotics can be safely used to treat anxiety, you will do a lot better if you talk to a professional before going ahead to use one.

While there are lots of probiotic supplements that are considered good enough for treating anxiety. Out of these probiotic supplements, you can get the most results from using Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. In addition to the use of probiotic supplements, some foods you can get probiotics from in ample amounts are sauerkraut, tofu, miso, tempeh, and yogurt.

Once you are done talking to a health professional about wanting to take a probiotic supplement, you have to stick to the recommendations of any probiotic supplements you buy. If you take a dosage that is higher than recommended, there is no guarantee that you will get better results.

Now, probiotic supplements might be effective in treating anxiety. They, however, do not replace other treatments for anxiety and therapy. In as much as you will feel a lot better when you start taking probiotics for anxiety, it is important that you go for more certain forms of treatment.

If you have never made use of any other drugs in treating anxiety before taking prebiotic supplements you might do just fine. However, if you already use other medications in treating anxiety, stopping them for probiotic supplements might have grave physical and psychological side effects.

Can the Use of Probiotic Supplements in Treating Anxiety Cause Side Effects

All things being equal, the use of probiotics in treating anxiety is not expected to lead to any side effects. However, when they cause side effects, these side effects are usually not severe.

Some of the side effects associated with the use of probiotics in treating anxiety include diarrhea, gas, and bloating. These side effects are known to last a couple of days. If you experience any of the above-named side effects, you can keep making use of whatever probiotic supplements you are using. However, if you notice side effects like long term bloating or stomach pain, you might need to stop making use of whatever probiotic supplements you are using and see a doctor immediately. Sometimes serious side effects such as stomach pain occur when you take a higher dose of a probiotic supplement than is required. It could also occur if you take the wrong probiotic supplement strain.

What Are The Risks Involved in Treating Anxiety with Probiotic Supplements?

Probiotics exist naturally in the body. This, therefore, makes them safe. Apart from being found in the body, they can be gotten from foods. Probiotic supplements are indeed great. They, however, are not ideal for everyone. They are usually not great for people with cancer, as well as those that have weak immune systems. When probiotic supplements are used by people with cancer or week immune systems, they lead to an overloading of your body system.

To avoid making use of probiotic supplements when you are not in the right condition to use one, you have to consult your healthcare provider before going ahead with a probiotic supplement. Although everyone should talk with a health professional before using a probiotic supplement, it is even more important that people that have chronic medical conditions, those breastfeeding and pregnant women should see a health professional before using a probiotic supplement for whatever purpose.

A lot of people already use probiotics in treating anxiety, depression, and other ailments that are mental. Nonetheless, for the best to be gotten from the use of probiotic supplements in treating anxiety, a lot of research has to be carried out to really have an understanding of the level of effectiveness of probiotics. While a lot of research is still ongoing, it is okay to make use of probiotic supplements in treating anxiety without being scared of any major side effects.

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