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How to Prevent Pets from Chewing On Electrical Cords?


Everybody knows that pets always get into trouble around the house, just like kids. It doesn't matter if it's begging for food under the table, peeing on your new rug or using your brand-new shoes as a chew toy, pets of all ages can get into trouble. Even though most things they do result in you and your family being mad at them. There are things that involve real danger, even fatality. One of those things is electrical cords. That is because when they chew tough the cable, they will not only ruin your things but it can shock them, cause fires and even kill them. Along with preventing your pet from chewing on your cords, you should also have pet insurance.

Hide All Power Cords

Just like when your pet is chewing on your shoes or other things and you put them away, do the same thing with your cords. Some of the best and easiest ways to hide your power cords out of your pets' view are to hide them behind furniture so they can't get to them, run the calves around your doorways, use management boxes or cable-tie them off the floor so they can't reach them.

Block Access To Electrical Cords

But on the other hand, there are some cords you just can't hide from your pet. No worries, there are still a few ways you can block them off if you can't keep an eye on your pet. If there is a place you just can't hide the cord, make sure that you are closing the door to that room and you are not letting them in. but if that is just not an option you can always get a pet gate or a crate they can be in while you are not home.

Spray Taste Deterrents On Cords

One of the most popular ways of getting your pet to chew on things is applying non-tasty things on them. But where a lot of people go wrong with this method is not testing out if their pets actually hate the taste of the spray. While some are disgusted others will love it.

Run Cables Through The Walls

If you are determined to let your pet roam around the house unsupervised and you just can't teach them not to touch the cables, contact commercial electrical services to help you out. Usually, the best solutions if you have drywall is to drill holes through it and tread the cords tough. They can also be threaded through the attic or basement. But as it is more complicated, always hire a professional to do it for you.

Train Your Pet to Leave The Cords Alone

Easier said than done, but it is possible if you are persistent enough. Start out by teaching them the leave it command and keep using it when you see them getting closer to the cords. Eventually, they will stop trying to nibble on them.

Watch And Redirect Your Pets Interest

If your pet is a fan of a cord that simply can't be moved and nothing else has worked try diverting their attention. When you catch them in an act, it gives them a more exciting alternative to redirect their interest.

Give Your Pet Chewing Options

Maybe the reason behind them chewing on your cords is because they are bored. Try presenting them with a few different types of toys that can provide them with endless entertainment. Things like bully sticks might occupy them for a while but they will quickly lose interest and move on. Provide them with a couple of different options then can choose from and divert them from the cables.

Unplug Your Electronics And Appliances

If you need a solution for right this second and you don't have any other options available, simply unplug everything before leaving your home. Even though it won't prevent them from chewing on the cables, it will eliminate the risk of them getting electrocuted or starting a fire.

There are direct things that will work for different pets, not everyone's the same. Some might respond differently to these techniques than others. That is why you should always try multiple ones until you find out what works for both of you.

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