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3 Tips for Understanding Food Poisoning
and How to Prevent It

prevent food poisoning

Food poisoning can be a nasty and heavy bug. Knocking you off your feet without warning. In fact, every year, over 48 million Americans are waylaid by a bout of food poisoning.

Yet, it is preventable. There are steps you can follow to make sure you mitigate the risk of getting sick from your food. What are these tips and tricks? Keep reading, because we're about to look at three expert tips to help promote the prevention of food poisoning.

So keep reading as we answer the question of what causes food poisoning.

1. Wash Your Hands Regularly

Whether you are talking about mild food poisoning or a more severe complaint, one of the most important ways to avoid the different types of food poisoning is to make sure you wash your hands regularly and correctly.

Wash your hands for vigorously for 20 seconds, and ensure you cover the back, palm, fingers, and thumbs before you rinse. By doing so, you can effectively cleanse parasites and protect yourself from getting sick.

This includes before and after food preparation and any time you swap from one food type to another.

2. Avoid Cross-Contamination

There are many different symptoms of food poisoning, as well as different causes, including cross-contamination.

Raw food (uncooked meats or eggs for example) can carry germs. These are killed off when you correctly cook them, but during preparation, these germs can be left behind on the chopping boards and knives, also your hands.

That's why if you want to avoid even mild food poisoning you need to ensure you do not use the same equipment - without cleaning it first - for preparing different things. Even different ingredients in the same dish.

It's just not worth the risk for the sake of a little bit extra washing up at the end of the day.

3. Make Sure Your Food is the Right Temperature

It is not just enough to cook your food. You need to ensure that it is cooked to the correct temperature. This does vary not only between meat and fish but between different meats too.

Beef should be cooked to 145F and then left for a few minutes before serving, while ground meats should be hotter at 160. Chicken needs to be prepared to an even hotter temperature at 165F.

Cooking your food to the right temperature is going to make sure any bacteria are killed and your meal is safe to eat.

You Can Play a Role in the Prevention of Food Poisoning

If you are serious about the prevention of food poisoning you need to ensure that you follow all of the above tips, and practice general good hygiene and cleanliness.

Should you happen to get sick, then its important to remain calm, contact your health care practitioner and follow their advice.

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