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Tips on Preparing for NCLEX Test with Apps
& Become a Nurse

I have a friend who is taking her NCLEX exam. I’ve seen that she is very stressed out and I have been trying to help her by doing searches for NCLEX prep ideas. Recently I came across a list of interesting apps that are specialized in helping people who want to become a nurse to prepare for their NCLEX test.

Useful Apps to Prepare for NCLEX Test

Below are some tips that you can use if you, like my friend, are getting ready to take the NCLEX...

Find Tutors Online

As you’re getting ready to take the NCLEX test, having a study buddy online is a good idea. There are many different tutoring services online, which range in styles and expertise. Some of the apps such as Khan Academy have video tutorials that cover more complex topics such as the body’s cardiovascular system. Other choices, like Quizlet, have things like flashcards, student manuals, chat sessions that you can use to talk to tutors to have your questions answered and practice quizzes. If you’re struggling in a particular area that you know is going to be on the test, such as Chemistry or Biology, it’s a good idea to find an app that offers help for that area. With lots of technology that they can use, prospective PN and RN students should be able to have the confidence to reduce their test anxiety on the day of the test and do well.

Reduce Anxiety by Taking Practice Tests

If you have a problem with test anxiety, using mobile apps to memorize the answers and practicing different questions is going to help you with passing the tests. Questions that are on the LPN tests can be complicated, so doing some practicing for the tests is going to help you with understanding the methods and language on the test much better rather than watching the videos or studying terms of the topic. You might understand the concepts of biology, the body’s system and anatomy. But understanding those languages that the test use, the layout and style of the exam and the strategies that you can use to get the best possible score is going to be a different challenge. When you use mobile apps to get access to a simulation exam for the NCLEX, as a prospective PN or RN you’ll find that you are a lot more prepared for it. When you continue doing the practice tests and passing them, you are going to have more confidence when you take the test.

Find Nearby Test Centers

If you’re planning to take this test, a mobile app can help you with finding the closest testing locations for you. These types of apps are a lot more than just review questions and strategies for time management. You can use them for finding the test centers, sign up to take the test according to when is best for you and even download a code that can help discount your costs. You can also read some articles from people who have taken the exam and get some advice on strategies for taking it. Get some specific information about the exam and the number of times you’re allowed to take it, along with the materials that you’ll need to have with you. Nursing is a very competitive field, so you want to give yourself all of the advantages that you can to help you get the highest possible score.


Becoming a nurse is a long and difficult road. But with the right apps, you can be well prepared for your tests and to take the first step to a whole new time during your life, helping people who are sick or injured.

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