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How to Prepare for Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a rising and promising treatment option for patients with arthritis and other joint injuries. However, the process of harvesting and implanting stem cells for the treatment can seem a bit intimidating. Stem cell therapy may not be a surgical procedure, but you still need to prepare before the treatment to ensure its success.

You'll go through a series of tests to assess your overall health and your condition's severity. A complete physical check-up and medical history will be made. General blood tests, such as blood chemistry screens and total blood count, will also be done. Again, you'll undergo tests for viruses and diseases like herpes, HIV, and hepatitis, so it’s essential to prepare for these tests. After that, the doctor will schedule an appointment for treatment using stem cells for shoulder pain or other joint pain conditions. Here are a few simple things to do to prepare for treatment.

Stay active and maintain a healthy diet.

When we're more active, our bodies create more stem cells. Research shows that the body increases stem cell count with regular exercise. Ensure you ask your doctor the type of activities you can do to avoid doing more damage if you have arthritis, shoulder pain, or other joint injuries.

Another way to prepare your body for stem cell therapy is by eating healthy. Cut down on the sugar intake, avoid alcohol, and avoid smoking or taking tobacco. It’s also good to avoid caffeinated drinks and coffee. Taking foods rich in protein every day will increase the chances of great results from the treatment.

Take your supplements.

For some procedures, you may be required to take supplements. They may be in the form of sublingual fluids or pills. Ensure you take the exact amount prescribed, and ask for any contraindications with any prescription drugs you're taking.

Some supplements you may need are Vitamin C and D, which aid in producing stem cells and in the development of bone marrow stem cells by promoting their proliferation. Glucosamine and chondroitin protect and reduce cartilage loss. Curcumin (the active ingredient of turmeric) has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and has been proven to aid in mesenchymal stem cells' growth. Finally, resveratrol effectively protects the cartilage and stimulates stem cell production by helping them increase and differentiate.

Plan ahead.

You'll want to organize all your personal affairs and put plans in place to give your full attention to the treatment and healing process after. Ensure you make the required changes to your schedule to have enough time for rest at least 4 to 5 days after the therapy.

Confirm and prepare.

Finally, ensure that you double-check all the preparation information your doctor gave you. Anything you're unsure of, it's essential to ask and confirm before the procedure. Depending on the stem cell therapy you're doing, some people feel weak and tired after the treatment, so it’s crucial to give yourself some time to adjust to your new healthy self.

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