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5 Prenatal Yoga Classes You Can Do for Free on YouTube

It should be no surprise that yoga is good for your mind, body, and soul. Better heart health, brighter moods, and reduced stress are just a few of the advantages of regular yoga practice. But did you know that yoga is also a great pregnancy exercise?

Prenatal yoga is specifically created for pregnant women, so several postures and positions are modified to accommodate your developing body. Add these free YouTube prenatal yoga classes to your workout routine if you want to relax and love your pregnant body, and you can also try online pokies for real money.

1. Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth's yoga practice is suitable for all trimesters, whether you are six months or only a few weeks pregnant. Because it is such a short and easy class (just 10 minutes long), it is an excellent place to begin if you have never done yoga before.

The practice starts with a child's posture, which is a primary resting position and progresses to standing poses. Finally, you will return to the mat for a prolonged puppy posture to lengthen your spine and open your chest.

2. Pregnancy and Postpartum TV

Prenatal yoga classes, as well as a variety of other pregnancy-safe workouts, such as cardio classes and weight training sessions, may be found on the Pregnancy and Postpartum TV YouTube channel.

When you are in your second or third trimester, join Pregnancy and Postpartum TV's feel-good yoga class. This class ends in savasana, a final resting pose, so bring a yoga bolster pillow (or any regular pillow would do).

3. Breathe and Flow

Because this Breath and Flow session is quite long, it is critical to always listen to your body and take as many breaks as you need. The class is designed for all trimesters and includes a powerful vinyasa yoga sequence as well as some meditation and breathwork.

It is essentially the ideal yoga flow because it emphasizes upper body strength to prepare you for carrying and caring for your baby after birth. All you will need for a workout is a yoga mat, a few pillows, and a knee blanket, and you can try gaming at for some relaxing sessions.

4. Yoginimelbourne

Back pain is a common occurrence during pregnancy, according to a National Health Service (NHS) article. If you have back pain, especially lower back pain, you should attend Yoginimelbourne's prenatal yoga class.

This yoga practice is appropriate for all trimesters and only comprises floor-based techniques to strengthen your back muscles. What is fantastic about the Yoginimelbourne YouTube channel is that it offers a variety of other yoga classes to relieve common pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue and circulation issues.

5. PsycheTruth

PsycheTruth presents a prenatal yoga sequence for all trimesters and beginners. Pregnancy problems such as morning sickness, aches and pains, and stress are believed to be relieved by the practice.

Furthermore, the practice has just the right mix of yoga poses, so you do not overdo it while still feeling like you have challenged yourself. Do you have pregnancy-related migraines and headaches? To alleviate the pain, try PsycheTruth's 45-Minute Prenatal Yoga Class for Migraines and Tension Headache Relief.

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