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The Application and Use of
Precision Pulse Transformer

A precision pulse transformer is an enhanced transformer that produces electric pulses of incredible velocity and uniform amplitude. As a result, they can operate at high frequencies and produce more power than ordinary transformers.

These pulse transformers operate in a unipolar mode where the flux density may meet 0 but never cross it. There also exists a high pulse transformer that is designed to exceed a power capacity of 500 kilowatts. 

There are many benefits of using a pulse transformer since it is designed in an advanced manner. Let’s discuss the benefits on the following.

Some of the advantages of a pulse transformer are:

  • Helps in transferring high energy

They are beneficial in providing features like a wide pulse-width, less rise-time, and high efficiency in transferring energy. In addition, there is a high energy transfer in the transformer itself because of the reduced inductance leakage. 

  • Helps to create vacuum potting

Abrasive resins are present inside the pulse transformers that help manage any vibration or electric resistance in a controlled atmosphere. This is known as vacuum potting. This also works as an insulator and helps in reducing the space required. 

  • Galvanic isolation

Galvanic isolation is required to eliminate the passing of stray currents and is present between its windings. Due to this, the primary driving circuit and the secondary driven circuit can operate effectively at different potentials. This also manages all the safety requirements. 

There are mainly two types of pulse transformers available that are mentioned below:

  • Power pulse transformer- 

The transformer that changes its velocity from one power level or a phase configuration to another is called a power pulse transformer. Depending on the way of how the winding is connected inside a transformer, their configurations can be accessible in either 1-phase or 3-phase. 

  • Single-pulse transformer- 

In such a transformer, information is transferred from one circuit to the other with the help of electromagnetic induction. They help in reducing the voltage in the power transformer and are designed to run at higher frequencies. In addition, the winding configurations can reduce properties like leakage inductance and winding capacities to enhance the working. 

Some of the primary uses of a precision pulse transformer are stated below:

  • Pulse transformers are often used in telecommunication and other logic applications. The pulses produced to create an electric surge are used in particle acceleration, camera flash, radar equipment, etc. 
  • They are a massive help in digitizing computers and pulse communication. This is done due to the substantial velocity pulses produced by them. 
  • They are used in electric power distribution to create a boundary between high voltage gates of semiconductors and low voltage control circuits. 
  • They help in building an interface for the pulse forming network (PFN) and the load. They maintain a maximum power transfer efficiency by ensuring that the electric resistance of the load is perfectly matched to the pulse forming network. (PFN)

Wrapping it up

A pulse transformer is mainly designed for a high load application and is widely used in the industry due to its feature of effective power distribution. They have many more benefits than a standard transformer and show greater efficiency in pulse variation, rise time, and voltage drop. Hopefully, from this post you have gained the required knowledge about precision pulse transformers.

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