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3 Ways to Practice Self-Care

The importance of mental health is being broadcasted now more than ever. Many have gone their whole lives without taking time to think about their health in a holistic sense. Practicing self-care is one of the most essential aspects of living a healthy, long life. Every day, people make choices that can impact their health negatively. Therefore, it is important to be wary of poor health choices and follow these steps to practicing self-care...

Therapy—Even if You Don’t Think You Need It

If you’ve recently felt overwhelmed by stress or negative emotion, don’t be afraid to seek help. As the stigma surrounding mental health is removed, we will see an increase in the number of people seeking psychological help in stressful or discouraging times in life. Going to group therapy or individual therapy can help you work out what’s going on in your mind. Therapy also is great in helping to prevent life issues from causing major psychological stress. If you don’t know where to go or which specialist to see, a quick keyword search for the “best psychologist near me” will help you find qualified professionals in your local area.

Therapy is a place to talk about your emotions and to check in with yourself. There is nothing wrong with investing in your own mental stability by going to therapy. Make a pros and cons list to help you understand what therapy could bring to your life. Doing so will surely encourage you to give it a shot, as odds are, therapy will help you in many ways.

Maintain a Healthy Diet—Without Being Too Restrictive

Fuelling your body with the right foods is as important to your mental health as anything. Your brain needs the right fuel to think clear and have the energy to do things. A diet full of fruit and veggies is a great way to start. When planning meals, think about highlighting vegetables and fruits as the staples of the meal rather than carbs or ingredients that can slow you down. Foods with high carbs or fats are okay in moderation but will make you tired if they are the bulk of your meals.

A diet that is healthy also can’t be too restrictive. Treat yourself every once in a while because you deserve to. It is great to be nice to your body when thinking of what you are putting into it, but it also is important to have a scoop of ice cream on the weekend. Remember, balance is key. Being invested in what you put into your body also will give you a better understanding of what personal diet will make you function at your best.

Do Things That Make You Happy and Decompress

Often, we don’t take the time to take a step back and do things we genuinely like. Life, work, family, and friends can get in the way of us remembering who we are. This is why taking personal time to play music, go on a run, or paint is crucial to a holistic self-care routine. Not doing what you love can cause strain on relationships and mood.

Self-care also means taking a break from everything. Put away the electronics for the weekend and take some time to decompress with your family. Genuine relaxed time with people you love will get you back on track to having a great week and feeling centered. You would be surprised how much a day off benefits your mental health and your ability to focus and stay relaxed for the rest of the week.

As the stigma surrounding mental health is reduced, there will be more and more practices that are widely used for self-care. Navigating your own style of self-care is all part of the holistic health journey.

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