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Post Dental Implant FAQ’s

Receiving a dental implant is no small feature, and while the process requires patience, the results are undeniable. Thanks to modern technology, patients with missing, broken, or rotten teeth are given the opportunity to restore their smile with this permanent solution.

Post Dental Implant

Its natural for such an important operation to be met with a slew of questions and concerns, especially regarding what happens afterwards. Hopefully, we can provide you the answers for some common postoperative inquiries.

Will There Be Pain or Blood?

The bad news is yes, there will be. However, on the bright side, if you properly follow your dentist’s guidance with post operations measures, the pain will subside relatively quickly. Most people report pain beginning to set in immediately after the local anesthetic diminishes. The pain can also be accompanied by swelling, bruising, and inflammation. Which is your body's way of launching the recovery process. 

Some bleeding is common for up to two days after the procedure. If you’re concerned with excessive bleeding, or notice it’s not stopping over time, contact a professional immediately!

How Long Until I Feel Normal Again?

Like everything, it varies from patient to patient. The discomfort and pain from the operation usually peaks between three to five days after you leave the dentist office, and typically diminishes quickly after that. After a week has passed, there should be little to no pain. If there is, please get in touch with a dental professional. 

Patience is a virtue. By two weeks’ time, your chewing and speaking motions should become fully familiar with the new additions to your jaw. As time progresses, many people become so comfortable with their implants that they quickly forget they’re not their biologically given teeth.

Can I Drive Myself Home Afterwards?

Generally speaking, it’s not recommended. While dental implants are usually performed with a local anesthetic, meaning only a particular area of your mouth is being numbed, it will still limit your motor function and judgment reflexes. 

It's best to coordinate with somebody to escort you back home safely and quickly; especially because pain and discomfort will commence as the anesthesia begins to ware off. Getting home right away to rest is the only acceptable next step to this type of procedure. 

When Can I Return to My Daily Activities?

Don’t rush back into anything too quickly, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. As mentioned above, the pain should resolve within a week and by another week you should be totally recuperated and perform your daily activities with ease. 

However, it’s important to assist that progression and not hinder it by putting any strain on the healing process. Ensure you strictly follow the diet and post procedure routine habits given to you by the dentist to guarantee the first week of recovery is successful.

Avoid forms of unnecessary physical activities for a minimum of one week, especially if you received multiple implants in one sitting. Intense bodily movements like; running, weight-lifting, swimming, or even jogging increase blood flow to the area and can cause not only pain, but possibly lead to infection or force the implant to reject itself.

Post Dental Implant

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re seeking any further information on the dental implant procedure, it could be a great fit for your smile! And of course, if you’ve already received a dental implant and have any follow up questions, thoughts, or concerns, get in touch with one of our knowledgeable team members!

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