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8 Ways to Encourage Positive Thinking
After an Accident

Remaining positive after an accident, no matter how big or small, is never easy. You are bitten by the negativity bug, and getting rid of this infection can take time, but it is possible. Your negative thoughts do not have to dictate how you live. They are a habit you can break. All you have to do is harness your positive thinking!

1. Start your day with a positive affirmation

Kickstart your day with good thoughts, be it about yourself or your life in general. What is it you are thankful for: is it your job, your partner, your family? Whatever it is, count your blessings that it is part of your life still.

There are many ways to give yourself positive affirmations. You can look in the mirror and speak directly to your reflection, or if you want to make it even more personal and something you can later reflect on, write them down in a notepad or on the Notes app on the phone.

2. Find solutions to any problems

Rather than dwell on the issue that may be hampering your spirits, find a solution. For instance, if you use a wheelchair after an accident and during your recovery and miss going out on day trips, there are many wheelchair accessories like a wheelchair day bag that can help you explore. No problem cannot be solved, so always look for help, even if that means leaning on others.

3. Believe that you will succeed

Rather than let negative thoughts cloud your mind, start by saying that you will succeed. At work, write down a to-do list and check off the easiest and quickest tasks – this will give you the momentum to continue thriving. You should also practice this positivity in the smallest of ways, such as when you are about to play a difficult level on a video game that you have found challenging.

Believing in yourself is a great way to manifest positivity into your life. There is no obstacle that you cannot overcome; remember that.

4. Let go of the past

Refrain from living in the past and learn to move on. There is no point in thinking of anything you wish you could change – it has happened, and this is your new reality. You have to learn to live with the new circumstances; otherwise, your “What ifs” and “Should’ve” will block any positivity from entering your mind.

This can take time, and it is okay for you to grieve the past and what could have been. Accidents can change our lives in a variety of ways, and if we have lost something huge, this can elongate the healing process. However, you need to counter negative thoughts with positive ones after a while. Remember, you can be negative at times, but you shouldn’t let it consume you.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

Misery loves company, which is why you need to find positive people and have them in your life. As sad as it may be, but putting space between negative people, be it your friends or a family member, will help you out in the long-term. You may be able to deal with their negativity better once you are feeling happier within yourself, but for the time being, you should only surround yourself with positive people.

6. Look at the big picture

You have a lot to look forward to, so be sure to look at the big picture and how you are surrounded by opportunities. Are you about to graduate and head off to college? If so, this is something to look forward to. Starting a new job in a new place? Think about all the new people you get to meet, the new office culture, and if you are moving to a new house, your new home to make your own. There is always something good to look forward to.

7. Do the things you love

Do you love to read? To play video games or paint and draw? Whatever it is that you are passionate about, indulge yourself. Treat yourself to that bestseller you have always wanted to read but never had time to, or a brand new set of paintbrushes. Tapping into what we love is a sure-fire way of keeping ourselves happy.

Don’t have a hobby yet? There are plenty to choose from:

  • Gardening
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Sewing
  • Cooking
  • Knitting
  • Chess

8. Savor the good moments

It is easy for us to rush through life, looking for the next best thing that’ll make us happy. You should remember to savor the happy memories before they end and are pushed to the back of your mind. Do not rush through life; you only have one. You need to learn to enjoy what you have if you are to remain happy.

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