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What Are the Most Popular Styles of Eyewear for Women?

After a lot of Zoom meetings and time spent in front of a screen, it's clear that glasses have become an important part of our daily wardrobe. Not only do they help block blue light and make working more comfortable, but they also let you show off your personal style.

Whether you need a pair for protection or just want to make a fashion statement, you'll love the range of shapes and colors that 2023's eyewear for women have to offer. Read on to find the next style you love.

Glasses that women will want to wear in 2023

  • Extra-large square frames

The 1970s are back and more daring than ever. This season, square glasses that are bigger than life are all the rage, and we can totally see why. They look cool and smart at the same time. They're the perfect addition to any outfit and look just as good online as they do in real life.

This style is also a good choice for people with higher prescriptions because the frame is wide enough to cover and support thicker lenses.

The symmetrical angles highlight the face beautifully, and round and oval faces look especially beautiful with this style. With the correct size and fit, they add just the correct ratio of definition to finer features without dominating the soft angles of the face.

  • Transparent acetate glasses

If you want a unique frame that doesn't stand out too much, this year's trend of clear acetate might be for you. With just a soft wash of color, these frames make any outfit look better and give off an easy-going vibe.

Clear frames are still popular in 2023, and the demand for soft neutrals and pastels has been growing steadily. Make this style your own by picking a color that goes well with your features.

  • Cat-eye glasses

Cat eyes are back on every designer's and fashionista's radar. They walk the line between fun and polished. This 50s favorite, with its geometric shapes and remarkable color combinations, will satisfy your fashion cravings without making you look unprofessional.

The best thing about cat-eye glasses is that they look good on almost any face shape. This is because they draw attention to the high points of the face, making them look naturally chiseled.

  • Glasses with a geometric wireframe

Wireframes have always been liked because they look clean and simple. Even better, they come in a wide range of shapes so that people with different face shapes can find one that suits them. This season geometric styles with fashion-forward details are in the spotlight, giving a modern twist to the classic look.

These light glasses are great for people who don't need much correction or who only need protection from blue light.

  • Round frames

If you like things that are a little less busy, this next trend is for you. Round glasses are a timeless classic that can be worn for any occasion and fit into anyone's wardrobe, no matter what their style is.

Even though they've been in style for a long time, the Hallyu Wave has made them more popular than ever. Many K-drama actors and K-pop idols wear them on and off the screen.

The understated style usually looks best on people with diamond or heart-shaped faces, because they help soften sharper features and give the impression of being young and friendly. Oval faces also look great in round glasses because the shape brings out the natural curves of this face shape like nothing else.

Having Your Style is Important

Many people find it fun to follow the latest style, but the most important thing is to choose a look that shows off your best features and makes you look like you. After all, your glasses reflect who you are, so the most important thing is to choose a pair that makes you feel like your true self. You can buy glasses online if you wish to know more about the current trend.

Before you decide which style to follow, you should get to know your features, which can have a big impact on the shape and color of the frame you choose.

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