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Benefits of Pole Dancing

Pole Dancing

Not everyone is a fan of pole dancing. Some think that this dancing style and exercise is only to those who are bold and daring. But actually, it is not the case, as pole dancing is for everyone.

Actually, there are so many benefits you can get if you pursue pole dancing. And just in case you are not as interested or into this exciting and one of a kind activity, reading this article is recommended so you can understand what you can really get from this, even if you are part of the Pole dancing for beginners or you are already a pro.

The Good Things You Can Get From Pole Dancing

So, what can you get from pole dancing? Just to make you understand, here are the benefits you can get from pole dancing whether you are a pro or just starting:

Releases happy hormones

Yes, any exercise can release endorphins, a hormone that is responsible for making someone feel happy. If you are sad, if you feel a little blue, stressed out and the like, dancing on the pole is what you need to consider.

Increase strength

When you are dancing on the pole, you are required to show your power, especially on your arms, and legs. Actually, your entire body is involved when pole dancing, hence expect that your strength will increase as you make pole dancing as a part of your day to day life.

If you want your strength to increase, then this is a perfect activity for you to pursue.

Improves coordination

Everything should be coordinated when you are pole dancing. It is not just your body, but your reflexes, mind and mental state too. One wrong move, and if you fail to coordinate your body and mind, there is a chance that you might fall on the pole and experience injuries from it.

Hence, it is recommended that before you hold on the pole and start dancing, you are 100% attentive, and you have had a good sleep at night. Focus is necessary if you want to succeed in pole dancing so make sure that your attention is sharp enough before going to the studio.

Experience is not necessary

The good news is, experience is not necessary in pole dancing. You do not need to be a pro or there is no experience required to do pole dancing. Pole dancing is for everyone, and it chooses no one. If you want it, you can do it.

Encourages self expression

Pole is where you can express your true self. Those who are in the pole can do whatever they want in it, as long as they know they can do it. They do not need to worry about how they look, as long as they can perform and execute their routine properly, it should not matter.

If they want to be bold, intimidating, simple, vulgar, etc., they can do it in the pole stage, no hesitation.

Increases self confidence and self esteem

Sure, if you can do something that not everyone can do, it can boost your self confidence and self esteem. Pole dancing is for everyone, but unfortunately, not everyone is capable of doing it. If you are one of the few who were able to succeed in pole dancing, tapping your back is a must.

If you are good at pole dancing, let everyone know about it as it is worthy to brag about.

Makes you more sociable

Yes! When participating in pole exercises, your social skills will be improved, especially that you will be speaking with different people from different walks of life, profession, interest, nationality and so on.

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