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Green Wellness: Top Plants That Are
Good For Your Mental Health

As adults, our brains go through a lot of stress every day. Managing one’s mental health can be a herculean task as our brains always get busy trying to balance friendship, work, relationships, and family. All these can really clamp down on you from time to time and could be the beginning of some mental illness if not properly managed. A lot of research has proved to us that indoor plants do not just clean the air but also have soothing effects on our mood, blood pressure, and mental wellness. There are a number of plants we should patronize if we want to be sane enough to keep up with the pieces of information that process every day in our heads.

Medical Marijuana

This is solely based on the medical benefits of cannabis for those with a valid medical prescription. As far back as 2737 BC in China, the first use of a cannabis product was for psychoactive agents. There was more focus on its medicinal value than its intoxication properties. Its use has since spread from China to India, North Africa, and then Europe as early as 500 AD more than three millennia since it was first used. Nowadays, growing marijuana has become famous for recreational purposes.

To make it more medical-friendly, its active ingredient THC was finally approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 1985. The THC in cannabis slows the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. It does this through the inhibition of the formation of amyloid plaques by blocking the enzymes in the brain that produce them. These plaques kill the brain cells leading to Alzheimer’s. The cannabis industry is fast becoming popular and it is becoming a great opportunity to be a part of the business. If you are interested in selling your cannabis license you can start searching for the right buyer as there are many people trying to get involved in this growing industry.

Flamingo Lily

The flamingo lily is definitely not a houseplant for a novice enthusiast because it needs a lot to keep healthy. It blooms gorgeously when you are attentive and patient with it and it is a perennial plant that produces lush, beautiful flowers, and large, glossy leaves. Having this plant in our homes helps add moisture to the air and purifies our home of air-borne toxins like xylene and formaldehyde. These airborne toxins can present great harm to our mental health.


The signature scent from lavender is a favorite for aromatherapists and also very useful for reducing brain stress levels. It is usually prescribed by physicians for patients that are struggling with anxiety and some other mental health problems. The effusive scent can replace stress levels in the brain with imaginative beautiful moments. It is undoubtedly one of the important plants for your mental health.

Aloe Vera

It is one of the most versatile plants with applications in the area of cosmetics, medicine, and even food. Dubbed “plant of immortality”, its history started out in ancient Egypt and even Cleopatra and Nefertiti are known to have made use of it. The plant provides countless health benefits which include supporting a healthy immune system, moisturizing and hydrating the skin, and acting as a detoxifier. It is also a great source of numerous vitamins. Aloe vera helps remove harmful chemicals from the air and can help reduce anxiety. It enhances learning and memory. It also alleviates depression.


It has been used for hundreds of years in the area of gastronomy. It has an astringent wooden smell and is native to the Mediterranean region. It can have white, blue, or purple flowers when it blooms. Rosemary oil is common in aromatherapy shops as it is said to improve memory and concentration. You can grow it indoors with the help of LED grow lights or simply leave it to the natural light outdoors. It requires a moderate amount of light and humidity.

Final word

Green wellness is fast becoming a popular phrase these days as people aim to kill several birds with a stone in the process. They can beautify their homes with these plants, get the air around them purified and smelling nice, and most importantly, tap the medicinal value for their mental health. There are quite a number of these plants. Some of them are not easy to maintain. Depending on how busy you get every day, you can make the right choice of plants that you will have enough time to nurture.

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