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How Are Himalayan Salt Lamps Helpful for
Asthmatic Patients?

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps are the decorative lights that you can also use in the house. These lamps are not only used for lighting purposes, but the Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are meant to provide many health benefits. The soft and calming lighting tone of the real pink Himalayan salt lamp will soothe the depressing environment around you. Let’s boost your mood by learning some essential points about Himalayan Salt Lamps and how these lamps are made to ease the pain of asthmatic patients.

This is the small but informational guides that help you dig deep into the benefits of Himalayan crystal salt lamps. This is your stop if you want to learn how different spas use real Himalayan salt lamps for soothing the pain of allergies.

What are the Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salts are carved from the salt-mine and from the mountains that are near to Himalaya and from the Khewra salt mine. Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp is made up only by placing a lighting bulb inside the basket of large crystals of salt. With a great distinctive look, a real pink Himalayan salt lamp emits a warming and calming lighting tone. Available in different shapes and sizes, the large chunks of real Himalayan salt lamps are present in three main color combinations. These salt crystals are always come up in the combination of two colors such as red/orange, orange/pink etc.

Sometimes people purchase these lamps only to add beauty and enhance the decoration of their house, but many people know its benefits. And only buy these real Himalayan pink salt lamps for improving their health scale.

How do these Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps work?

Considers as the natural ionizers, the best Himalayan salt lamps are meant to provide health benefits. The crystals of Himalayan pink salt lamps can change the electric ions of the surrounding air. Ions are the compounds that carry an immense number of protons and neutrons. These electric ions are produced freely in the air due to the alternation method. The excess amount of positive ions causes barriers in the way of healthy lifestyles. A best Himalayan salt lamp produces negative ions by absorbing the moisture from the environment and cancels the effect of harmful positive ions.

What are the main symptoms of asthma?

What is asthma? What are the conditions that asthmatic patients face? Asthma is a long-term disease that is occurred due to the dysfunctionality of lunges. This is considering as a chronic respiratory disease. Coughing, wheezing, shortage of breathing, and tightness of chest are the common symptoms of asthma. In different studies, asthma is referred to as a bronchial disease that occurs due to the inflammation of airways.

Asthma attacks make it difficult for patients to talk or breathe. They feel a heavy pain in their chests, and the walls of their lungs start contracting. There are different medical methods to cure this respiratory disease, but the natural home remedies are sometimes worked best. The use of real pink Himalayan salt lamp is increasing day-by-day for curing the asthmas and other breathing diseases.

How Pink Crystal Himalayan salt lamps cure asthma?

Himalayans salt holds a wide array of health benefits and the most prominent is purifying the surrounding air and treating asthmatic problems. If the air of your surrounding space is filled with dust, pollen, and cigarette smoke, then it makes people suffer from asthmatic problems. Many people have commented that these crystal Himalayan salt lamps purify the air of your house and office.

From severe asthma conditions to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are the main respiratory problems and science has proved that Himalayan salt lamps help your body to fight against them. There are different Himalayan salt inhalers are available in the market that smoothest out the breathing pain and restore the energy in the body of the patient.

The use of Himalayan salt has come from the traditional practice “Halotherapy” in which patients spend some time in the cave or room of Himalayan salt. According to the research studies, it is shown that breathing the small particles in your body clear the blocked airways of your body and increase the number of free radicals. Sometimes the layers of mucus block the way of your breathing. The ionization method of real pink Himalayan salt lamps melts down the piles of mucus build and eases the respiratory problems.

Different studies have looked at the effectiveness and results of salt therapy of COPD and asthma, but they are not high in quality. In 2017, a report was published, and according to this report “136 asthmatic patients were provided by a full halotherapy and 15 asthmatic patients rely only on inhalers. As compared to these 15 patients, the 136 asthmatic patients show speed from healing form asthma or chronic diseases.

History of COPD and Salt Therapy

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is considered as the degenerative form of lung problems that are caused by the narrow airways and poor respiratory system. In ancient times, the patients of asthmatic problems and COPD spend most of the time in salt mines to get the best relief from their breathing problems.

The salt therapy was first introduced in the regions of Europe, and now it is common in the countries of Asia. After the invention of this therapy, people started working to improve the ways of salt therapy. And now Salt Cave of United Kingdom has set a new level.

In the clinical trials of salt therapy, scientists get different results from different cases such as...

  • 75% of cases of people that were suffering from severe asthma
  • 85% of cases of normal or mild cases of sneezing or asthma/COPD
  • 97% of cases of bronchitis, cystitis fibrotic cases, and chronic bronchitis

The proponents of salt therapy claim that the large crystals of Himalayans salt lamps not only cleanse the respiratory system but also speed up the system of eliminating toxic elements.

A Himalayan Mine salt has several properties such as...

  • It is the best anti-inflammatory
  • It is the best anti-bacterial
  • Loosens the layers of mucus
  • Clear the block airways
  • Efficiently removes airborne pollens
  • Reduces the oversensitivity issues of the immune system

The particles of Himalayan salt dig deep into the tissues of the lungs and treat the cause of asthma. Sometimes the patient recognizes the main problem in no time, and sometimes the salt therapy takes 12 months to lessen the issue of COPD or Asthma.

Himalayan Salt Lamps and Allergies

Are you suffering from any type of allergy? What is the main cause of allergies? Do you know pink crystal Himalayan salt lamps fight against allergies?

According to the analytical report from the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immune, more than 65 million people suffer through asthmatic and allergically problems every year. There are many ways to get the upper hand over these problems and fight against them, but the crystal Himalayan Salt Lamps are the most natural way to do this.

A real pink Himalayan Salt Lamp provides works in two ways that reduce the causes of asthma and allergies.

1. Purification of Air

Himalayan salt lamps are an eco-friendly way to purify the surrounding air from contamination. You don’t have any idea that the air surrounds you is more polluted. There is still some dirt or pollen particles remain in the air after filtration. Winters are the peak season of asthma and allergies, and the pollutants also increased this season.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps use a hygroscope method. In this method, the basket of crystals of Himalayan salt lamp attracts the pollens, water molecules, dust, mold, and pet dander to its surface. These irritants are present in water molecules when the salt absorbs the moisture the water molecules left the irritants on the surface. This method allows your lungs to ease your breathing airways. For more effective results, you should place more crystal Pink Himalayan salt lamps in your house and offices.

Place an average size Himalayans Salt Lamp on your working desk. So you can do proper working without any problem.

2. Release Negative Ions

Nowadays, many modern electric appliances release positive ions in the air, and these ions also cause allergically issues. Your Mobile Phone, refrigerator, television and other electric products bombard your surroundings with positive ions that in result make your immune system low, increase the chances of catching the asthmatic problem and decrease the working efficiency of your lungs.

A best Himalayan Salt Lamp has the power to eliminate an immense number of positive ions from the air. A crystal Himalayan salt lamp gives off natural negative ions that cancel the bad impact of positive ions and leave you with a refreshed mind and energetic immune system.

A real pink Himalayan Salt Lamp not only neutralizes the positive ions but also help your body to fight against sneezing and coughing. Except for releasing negative ions and purifying of air, pink crystals of Himalayan Salt also work in different ways to cure asthma.

Is it beneficial to leave Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps on in your bedroom?

Yes, you can leave a real best Himalayan salt lamp on overnight in your bedroom. These lamps come up with a small voltage bulb that increases the working efficiency of salt. The bulb inside the lamp only warms up the ball of Himalayan salt. This warmth increases the efficiency of the lamp to moisture out more water molecules and ionizes more positive ions in the air.

What type of points should you keep in mind?

If you are using a crystal salt lamp in your bedroom, then there are some warnings or cautions that you should keep in your mind such as...

  • The pinkish/orange color light of Pink Himalayan salt lamp is best, and you can switch on it overnight
  • If you are the patient of high blood pressure, then it is recommended to ask your health trainer before purchasing one pink Himalayan salt lamp
  • Science does not have its back for the claim that Himalayan Salt strengthens your bones. So be careful if you are facing bone issues
  • A real pink Himalayan Salt Lamp does not effective for reducing acid reflux issues
  • Overheating cause electrical issue so be careful while using it
  • A crystal Himalayan salt lamp sometimes has a poor base that does not bear the burden of electrical wires
  • Over-absorption of water molecules cause melting, and in results, these Himalayan Salt Lamps causes corrode

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