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How Pickup Soccer Can Help You
Improve Your Soccer Skills

Have you heard of pickup soccer? Pickup soccer is a game where everyone can get involved, regardless of skill level or age. Since there is no coach or trainer involved, this type of game is low pressure and lots of fun for all players. Since this game involves a mix of abilities, newer players will have the chance to learn from more experienced players. Pickup soccer doesn’t involve expensive equipment, all you need are some players, a ball, and a simple goal. If you enjoy playing soccer in a relaxed environment, pickup soccer may be just the game for you. In this blog, we’ll talk about the benefits of pickup soccer and how to make the most out of the game. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about pickup soccer.

Pickup Soccer

Benefits of pickup soccer

Pickup soccer offers all the benefits of the regular game plus some extra benefits.

First of all, the game itself is a teaching experience for players. In a pickup soccer game, the fact that there is no coach means that players can learn as they play without being afraid of making mistakes. Although there are plenty of benefits to having a coach, it can also tend to put players on edge. 

The lack of a coach also means that players must learn to communicate with each other rather than relying on the coach’s instructions. This helps players to develop independence during the game. Pickup soccer also offers plenty of flexibility for all players, whether you’re dedicated to training or just want a way to keep fit, pickup soccer is the perfect solution. In pickup soccer, players also learn to play both sides of the field and transition from offense to defense. Since positions are flexible, players can meet the team’s needs as they arise. Playing pickup soccer gives players the opportunity to practice playing a new position in a low-stakes environment. Pickup soccer is all about playing where and when you want. It’s a great way to enjoy soccer without the need for structure or equipment.

Pickup Soccer

How to play pickup soccer

Although pickup soccer is known for its flexibility, there are also a couple of important rules to keep in mind while playing. Since the game involves a mix of players with varying abilities, it’s important for less experienced players to get plenty of time with the ball. On the same note, rough tackling isn’t allowed, to protect younger and less experienced players. Before the game begins, it’s a good idea for older and more experienced players to agree to give others more time with the ball. They should also be given more time when attempting a shot or making a pass. Another rule of pickup soccer is no hands. Unless they are a goalkeeper, a player who uses their hands must forfeit the ball to the other team. Since players can’t use their hands, goals must be scored below the knee height of the tallest player. This rule protects younger players from injury and prevents the players from needing to use their hands.

Equipment used in pickup soccer

With pickup soccer, all you really need is a ball! Real soccer shoes are not required, you just need a good pair of running shoes. In general, shin pads are not needed, but players should agree not to kick at each other’s legs and ankles. Also, you don’t even need a goal! It’s easy to make do with things you already have, such as backpacks. Since you’re creating your own goal, you can decide its size depending on the number of players. It’s best to keep it on the smaller side, 2m is a good size.

Pickup Soccer

Positions in pickup soccer

You’ll find that positions in pickup soccer are different to a real game. For example, you probably won’t have a goalkeeper. This position can easily lead to a player becoming injured if they’re not an experienced player, so it’s best to leave the position out. If you are playing with a small number of players, you may even just want to play without having defined positions. If you’re playing with a larger group, you may want a couple of players to defend the goal. However, positions in pickup soccer are flexible, so these players can also take a shot on goal if they want. Playing pickup soccer is a great way to decide which positions you enjoy playing because you’ll get the chance to do a bit of everything.

Brushing up on your technique

To get better at something, the key is practice. With pickup soccer, you get all the fun of a real soccer game with the added benefit of improving your soccer skills. Playing a game of pickup soccer is a great way to brush up on your technique. While playing, you should always kick the ball with the side of your foot. If you attempt to kick with your toe, you’ll find that you have less control over the ball. A pickup soccer game is the perfect opportunity for players to practice kicking with the side of their foot. To remind the younger players of the proper technique when kicking a soccer ball, you can use a simple rule like ‘Toe no go”. This easy rule helps young players to remember the proper technique while playing. If someone kicks with their toe, the other team gets possession of the ball from the same spot.


Playing pickup soccer is a great way to brush up on your skills and enjoy the game you love in a fun, relaxed setting. With pickup soccer, you get the chance to play with players that you may not usually get to. If you still want more soccer skill practice, head over to the Playform app where you’ll find plenty of helpful drills regardless of which skill you want to improve. Whether you need to work on your dribbling skills or learn how to properly head a ball, Playform is your one-stop destination for becoming a better soccer player.

Pickup Soccer

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