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Physiotherapy in the Treatment of
Migraine and Headaches


The headache is one of the most common and standardized pain for the population (almost 96% of individuals suffer throughout his life). The problem comes when it stops being punctual, because it can be an indication that the patient suffers from some type of headache and requires a diagnosis by a winnipeg physiotherapy specialist.

From the physiotherapeutic point of view, this type of pain can be alleviated without resorting to medication, through different manual therapies, after analyzing the origin of the pain.

What are headaches?

The headaches are indicated by WHO as one of the most common disorders of the nervous system. They can be painful and disabling primary disorders, such as migraine headaches, tension headaches, and cluster headaches. Below we define the most common types that are treated in the physiotherapeutic consultation:

  • The headache or migraine is a periodic pain area (may last between 4 and 72 hours). These attacks are usually accompanied by irritability, nausea, dizziness, dizziness, or photophobia. From physiotherapy, myofascial or craniosacral therapy Seattle, an assessment of the atm is used, which in most cases reduces and/or relieves pain in migraine episodes.
  • The TTH is highly prevalent and is the second reason for medical consultation in Western society. This type of headache is associated with myofascial pain syndrome, caused by the myofascial trigger points of the craniocervical and craniomandibular muscles. In these cases, manual physiotherapy, accompanied by therapeutic exercise is the one that reflects the best results.
  • The cervical headache is a type of neck pain that is accompanied by headache. It usually has its origin in the upper cervical or suboccipital region. From physiotherapy it can be approached from myofascial techniques, manual therapy, dry needling or trigger point compression.

In case of suffering any of these symptoms, it is always advisable to go to a physiotherapist who assesses the origin of the pain and thus apply the appropriate treatment accordingly.

The benefits of physiotherapy in headache

The main benefits that physical therapy treatment can provide are: reduction in the intensity, frequency and duration of headaches; reduction of associated symptoms such as cervical pain; and providing the patient with the learning of self exercises that can prevent the onset of a new crisis.

It is important to analyze some specific points. The efficacy of physiotherapeutic treatment does not occur only with the complete resolution of the headache, not least because many cases are of genetic origin and involve neurological components. The spacing between crises and crises of shorter duration; the reduction of lost work days; the ability to perform activities of daily living; and reduction of associated symptoms (cervical pain) are fantastic benefits and that associated with the medication treatment carried out by the responsible physician is indeed a success factor.

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