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Physical Therapy — The Healthy Alternative

The Origination

Physical Therapy originated in the mid 1800’s. It was first used in gymnastics to help gymnasts with their range of motion, to massage sore muscles and keep them loose for performance, and was also used as a form of exercise. Physical therapy has evolved throughout the years, but has always been a healthy choice of care for athletes, patients, and anyone in need of rehabilitation. Rehabilitation of our body’s bones, muscles, tendons, and nerves is a complex process that can be guided by your Physical Therapist. Possibly the best part of this rehabilitation process is that it is natural and will not lead to need for other types of rehabilitation later on down the road. 

The Body

It’s no secret that the human body is nothing short of a miracle. It is complex and performs functions in a way that has been studied for years by experts yet still leaves us scratching our heads at times. The body has multiple systems that work together to keep it all running. Our body is constantly removing damaged cells and building new healthy cells. When stimulated in a healthy way, physical therapy motivates the body to heal and remember what it is supposed to do and how it is supposed to function. When attempting to heal your body from an accident, injury, surgical recovery, etc. it is in the best interest of the patient to find a remedy that will promote overall health and wellness. The goal of physical therapy is to retrain your body to perform daily movements, achieve pain relief, and do all of that using the education of a qualified Physical Therapist and your body's natural healing system. 

The Crisis

The opioid epidemic is raging in our country right now. Physical therapy provides a better alternative that is not only proven to aid in overall health, but is not addictive and detrimental to the body. The use of painkillers only acts as a bandaid for the symptoms. Physical Therapy can help achieve pain relief without the use of prescribed opioids or other medications. There is an old poem that states it is better to put a fence around the edge instead of an ambulance in the valley. It is a poem about prevention, and how it will decrease the pain and unnecessary recovery time for something that could have been avoided.Avoiding a possible addiction is absolutely worth it for people of all ages. It is scary to think that this crisis is spreading throughout the nation, but it is even more scary to think of how it will directly affect the youth. 

The Youth

Many students are involved in sports and recreational activities that could lead to injury. Some of those injuries lead to surgery or chronic pain which are both gateways to opioids. The moral dilemma behind young children using opioids is real and raw. The other issue is the lack of resources available to help these kids overcome an addiction. Not only are they not mentally and emotionally prepared to handle such an ordeal, but the lifelong effects of an addiction like this could take away big life opportunities and brand them at a young age. Finding a physical therapist for your active child could make all the difference in their future. Visit to see how this office offers an environment that is inviting for younger kids. Their facility looks like a gym, and many of the therapists have a passion for sports. They are on board with therapy before injury, but also there to rehabilitate in a natural, wholesome way in case an injury does occur.

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