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Important Phases of Life Where
You Are Prone to Depression

By Ankita Kanta

Depression is becoming a more common word in the world. This is so, not because today’s generation is facing the situation, but because people are now ready to discuss it openly. Yes, it is a matter to be addressed without any inclusion of taboos or stigmas. A positive aspect to look at is that things are changing. People have changed, and so have their perspectives on many things, including depression.

Depressing Moments

Almost everyone goes through depressing moments in life. Some people might come from it easily. But it’s hard for some. I know this because I have been through it. The hardest fact is that even though you want to tell someone about it and drive out the sadness, it is often hard to talk. Depression could start in early childhood. Yes, you heard it right. It’s not just adults who go through it. It is even harder for children because they have no idea of what is happening and what to do. They also cannot find anyone to talk about because their friends might be of the same age and might not know what to do, and adults often do not consider it to be any important.

We had been through depression in my childhood. Being an introvert, you may have not had talked to no one about it. Sometimes, we also had no way to explain the way we felt. But over the years, I was introduced to the term depression and its symptoms. As we look back, we realize we had most of it; we just didn’t have a name for the phase then. Through various sources, we reached upon this and realized that harder versions of depression are found in children. The main reasons for this were child abuse, child labour, bullying, family issues, and many more that people often fail to address. Teenage is a crucial phase to look upon. Teenagers are often prone to fall prey to depression. The changes and difficulty adjusting to them could be hard for some.

Life-Changing Situations

As we grow up, depression appears in various other stages. Many life-changing situations could come unexpectedly. When it takes a negative toll, all of them have the potential to drive you to depression.

Job insecurities are also increasingly being a reason for depression. After studies, all of us want a good job and a secure future. Unlike movies and the promises we are given, this could be hard for many. Getting a job you like and settling in life could take time. This is a hard phase most of us have to face. But, all you got to be is stay strong. You are going to come out of it once, and then things will just be right.

Losing your favourite people can also lead to depression. I have felt that happening. Losing people could be in many ways. Death, diseases, break ups, divorces, and relocation could be harder for some than the others. It often takes time to adjust to the loss and live after that. The feeling of missing someone you can never have again is a painful phase, and it makes my heart sing to come out of it.


For all these phases that we have discussed, depression could be an after effect. It could lead to depression in some, while might pass off for the others. It depends upon the mental state and strength of people. The best we can do is stay and listen. Be there for them and make them understand that they are not alone. This is important. Nobody could be alone in this world with the population in billions. Everybody needs that one person to listen. Find that person, be with that person.

Author: Ankita Kanta
"I have been through various depressing phases of life and have learnt to move on. I provide tips about stress, depression and how to be happy again in your life. During various phases of life, I also learnt how to have a stable relationship with your partner which helps overcoming from depression."

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