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How Can Being a Pet Owner Help Personal Growth?

Many things in life can have a profound effect on you, and certain experiences can change your perspective and help you learn valuable life lessons. It could be getting fired or quitting your first job, becoming a parent, moving to another part of the world, or having your heart broken for the first time. Remarkably, being a pet owner is another experience that can help your personal growth. While it might not seem as monumental as the other things listed above, don’t underestimate how an animal companion can change your life. Here are a few ways a pet can change your life for the better:


While they might not be a life-long commitment because, generally, pets have shorter life spans than humans, you will have to be responsible for them for a respectable amount of time, depending on what kind of animal you choose to bring home as a pet. During their life, you must feed them, monitor their health and well-being, show them attention and affection, and generally make sure that your pet is happy and safe. If you want to ensure that your pet lives a healthy life, you can look into the possibility of getting pet insurance for them. Again, some animals are more demanding than others as pets, but no matter what species you bring home, you must step up to the plate as their care giver.

Financial Management

Pets cost money, and these additional expenses will force you to become more aware of your finances. You will have to re-think your monthly budgets to factor in costs of food, insurance, toys and accessories, and vet bills. Take the time to search for affordable healthcare for your pet so you can make sure they have access to the right things at all times. You can see an example of quality, affordable vets at Becoming a pet owner might even make you think to reconsider certain service providers to help you get better deals so you can live more comfortably with your pet and worry less about outgoing expenses.


Getting enough exercise each day is key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but for many people, it’s easy to let this fall by the wayside. Whether it’s feeling too exhausted after a long day at work or generally unmotivated because you’re in a low or bad mood, there are endless excuses not to exercise and put it off until the next day. While not all pets will demand their owners to get up and go, dogs, in particular, do require you to go out for at least one daily walk. Cats can also enjoy playing and running around the house, and larger animals such as horses will certainly need you to get out to care for them. Choosing a pet like these could help you to be healthier and happier as a result of getting out and moving more.


Patience is a virtue, but for some, this isn’t something that comes naturally to them. In a world where things are generally fast-paced, it’s easy to become more impatient and agitated with things that occur in daily life, like being stuck in a long queue at the grocery store or trying to hold a conversation with someone you find irritating or boring. Pets can help you develop your patience, particularly if you’re trying to train them to get settled into your home. Taking on younger animals like puppies and kittens will require you to clean up after accidents when they don’t make it to the litter tray or outside, and may even, perhaps, result in a few sleepless nights while they settle into sleeping alone, rather than with you.

Social Skills

The majority of people love animals, whether they’re pet owners or not. Having a pet is a great ice-breaker when it comes to conversations, as you can share anecdotes about the funny things your pet did or what made you decide to get them. If you do have a dog, taking them on walks in your local park can help you meet other dog owners and perhaps forge new friendships with them. Either way, having a pet is a good way to develop your social skills.


Animals are a joy to be around, and as pets can offer so much love and companionship to their owners, it’s hard not to feel more positive. Studies have even shown that animals can help reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, so if you are struggling with a more negative outlook on life at the moment, perhaps a pet could help?


Considering pets can help you in all of the ways listed above, it’s not surprising to hear that they can boost your self-esteem as a result. Being able to have a sense of purpose as a carer for your pet, connecting with other animal lovers and pet owners over your experiences, and having continuous companionship, all of these things will naturally help to make you feel better about yourself.

If you’re currently going through a time in life where you’re feeling uncertain or like you need to grow, consider becoming a pet owner and see how this experience can be a fantastic learning experience and bring some light into your life.

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