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Delicious Peanut Butter Recipes for Kids

eanut Butter Recipe

Do you want to find a healthy munching option for your kid? It is difficult to find a recipe for kids which is healthy and nutritious at the same time. Peanut butter is one of the great options which provides nutritional value as it contains 28% of proteins and other nutrients and it tastes delicious at the same time. You can use it to make delicious food recipes for kids. 

There are many healthy organic creamy peanut butter and natural organic creamy butteroptions available in the market which contains an excessive nutritional value. Some of the recipes that you can use to make your kids eat healthy food which gives nutrition are:

Choco Chip dip

Starting with the easiest recipe, chocolate is an ingredient that is the most favorite of kids in any form. You can use organic creamy peanut butterwith choco chips along with mixing some honey to make it sweeter. Kids will eat it happily and make sure to add an ample amount of choco chips as that is the main source of attraction.

Peanut butter Cookie

A cookie is an all-time favorite of kids, they are always ready to eat cookies. How amazing it will be if they can eat cookies which will give them nutritional value as well. Peanut butter cookies are one of the options that you can try to give a delicious taste to your kid’s daily food list. Bake cookies by adding some peanut butter and choco chips and serve them with some chocolate dips. This recipe will make your kids go in awe of you.

Peanut butter banana bites

As the name suggests, the major ingredient of this recipe is banana. The addition of bananas adds more nutritional value. To make peanut butter banana bites, you can use whipped cream. Mix banana and whipped cream with some sweetening agent and then, cool it for some time. Then, serve it with some jellies, gems, and decorating sprinkles or choco strands.

Peanut butter Oatmeal Balls

Kids really hate eating oatmeal and seeds but how about tricking them with mixing some not-so-tasty ingredients with delicious ingredients like peanut butter. You can create these energy balls using peanut butter in more proportionate amounts compared to flaxseed and oats to make it look more like a peanut butter dish. 

You can use maple syrup instead of other kinds of sweeteners as they are much higher in nutritional value compared to refined sugar. You can also use jaggery instead of refined sugar. Do not forget to use organic creamy peanut butter to make it more dippy. Serve the peanut butter balls with some sprinkles to give them an attractive look.

Peanut butter Snack bites

You can serve Peanut butter as appetizers in the form of bites in snacks. If your kid denies eating cereals in the morning, serve them in the snacks with some change. You can make bites with peanut butter with so many incredible ingredients such as butter chips along with mixing it with cereals, oats, and colourful, fruity mini-shaped marshmallows to give them a kid’s favourite look. 

You can mix all the ingredients all together and can put them in moulds of any shape or roll them into balls. Freeze the snack bites for a minute and then serve them to the kids and see the happiness on their cute faces.

Peanut butter bar

There are many readymade protein bars available in the market but generally, they contain some refined sugars which can not prove as nutritional as the bars made of homemade options. You can make a protein bar at home which can be nutritional and tasty at the same time. Peanut butter is a high source of protein as they contain more than 28% of proteins and other nutritional value in the same proportionate amount.

You can make a natural organic peanut butter protein bar along with adding some nuts such as walnuts, cashews, and almonds to give the bar a crispy taste. Add some jaggery as a sweetening agent in liquid form, mix it with chocolate, and freeze them for some time and your protein bar will be ready.

You can try out any of the peanut butter recipes mentioned above. Your kids will go in awe of peanut butter and your cooking skills.

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