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How Vaping Can Help Ease the Transition from Smoking

By Ethan Parsa

You read it on the cigarette packs, hear it from your friends, and may have been privy to numerous reports that tell you the healthiest lifestyle doesn’t typically include smoking. While you may have long yearned to put down cigarettes, you may also have a hard time figuring out just where to begin.

An ideal starting point is to buy e-juice and start with vaping, as it can help address both the physical and psychological factors involved with smoking.

The Physical Side of Smoking Addiction

The physical side of smoking addiction involves a dependence on nicotine. A body used to receiving nicotine in regular doses that is suddenly given none is apt to suffer from a host of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. These may include:

  • Intense nicotine cravings
  • Headaches, difficulty concentrating
  • Sweating, coughing
  • Intestinal cramps, nausea
  • Anxiety, irritability, depression
  • Insomnia
  • Weight gain
  • Tingling in the feet and hands

Abruptly stopping the body’s usual nicotine supply is likely to bring on one or more withdrawal symptoms, but gradually weaning the body off nicotine can make the symptoms far less severe.

You can buy e-juice with different levels of nicotine, which can range from as high as 18 mg all the way down to zero. Starting with a higher nicotine level and then progressively reducing the nicotine levels can help the body gently adjust to less and less nicotine until you hit the zero point.

The Psychological Side of Smoking Addiction

If weaning the body off nicotine were the biggest hurdle facing smokers that wanted to quit, the process would be a lot easier. But smoking additionally comes with a load of psychological factors that need to be addressed. These factors tend to involve situations where you habitually light up a cigarette, such as after meals, with a cup of coffee, when you’re nervous or stressed, or to kick back and relax.

While you can use a number of techniques to help steer your mind away from a cigarette in such situations – such as deep breathing, taking a brisk walk, or calling a pal for support – breaking an ingrained habit can seem impossible. Unless, of course, you to replace the old habit with a new one. Here’s where vaping can again be useful.

Vaping provides an experience similar to smoking, with hand-to-mouth activity, inhalation and exhalation, and the throat hit many smokers crave. Choosing a tobacco e-juice can help sate the cravings even further, as tobacco e-juice also delivers a tobacco taste.

In fact, natural tobacco e-juice crafted from real tobacco extract can actually taste better than cigarettes, as it doesn’t contain the thousands of chemicals found in your average cigarette. You can buy e-juice here.

The Bottom Line

Putting down cigarettes may always have its obstacles, but vaping can at least help level the playing field. Rather than facing a major struggle, you may find you’re in the midst of smooth and gradual transition that’s much calmer on the body, mind and soul.


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