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How Does Palliative Care Work?

Palliative Care

Being sick is one thing and dealing with your sickness is another thing. In the world of people suffering from any serious illness and life-threatening disease, the journey from discovery until recovery can be tough. While prevention is better than cure, the process will still be the same in some ways. And the unapologetic truth tells us that in every situation, we always have a choice. While the concept of medical and health conditions is difficult, we can always make our journey a less painful yet more meaningful one that works in favour of the patient and the people around them. And palliative care is no exemption by understanding the need for such. By receiving medical and scientific treatment for your illness, palliative care works simultaneously to obtain the perfect balance while optimizing and not compromising the quality of life.

Palliative care is more than interdisciplinary medical caregiving approaches to mitigate people's suffering with complex and serious illnesses. It is more than specialized medical care or preventive measures before any symptoms or present condition becomes worse or fatal to our own body. Because palliative care touches the soul, it breaks the stigma that you are always between a life and death situation if you are in a serious or critical health condition. Thus, a retroactive and proactive effect proves that you can still see life in its most beautiful form even in the most difficult situation. Indeed, there is still life in palliative care even we battle for our own life, and it works!

Palliative Care Works for the Patients

Above all, palliative care works mainly for the advantage and betterment of the patient's life condition and taking into consideration not only the physical aspect but also the psychosocial, emotional, and spiritual core. Another honest truth tells us that living in a life-limiting or terminally ill condition is quite a burden. More than the physical pain, it's the mental anxiety and emotional torture that adversely affects patients. And that's how palliative care takes over. While reducing the pain of the symptoms and alleviating the suffering no matter the diagnosis stage, the anxiety and stress that comes along with it also decrease since mind and body are correlated.

The medical care and support that a patient receives will surely make a big difference in the battle with their illness. Palliative care helps patients to see life as a glass half full instead of half glass empty. It motivates them to combat whatever conditions in a positive disposition, ditching the negativity and toxic energy. Since this special kind of care sees no age, sex, preference, and status in life, it's a welcoming act that even patients in the prime of their lives will appreciate that ignites the urge to live longer even more. Without a doubt, palliative care is not just an approach; it's a reliable partner for discovery, treatment and recovery in the concept of genuine concern and utmost care at its finest form.

Palliative Care

Palliative Care Works for the Science and Medicine

While we all can give support and care in our own ways, palliative care must be provided by a professionally equipped team of doctors, nurses, specialists, medical people and other specially trained individuals. The medical field recognizes the prominent contribution of palliative care by inducing it with their clinical and scientific approach and in dealing with various serious or fatal diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease, kidney failure and more. So we have to bear in mind that it must be carefully and professionally done for palliative care to serve its purpose well.

Palliative Care Works for the Family, Friends and Caregiver

The battle for sickness or illness is not a solitary fight of the patient alone. For sure, you will agree with me that more often than not, the family, friends or the caregiver in charge are the ones directly receiving the anger and tears, the sentiments and pain of our patient. Right before their eyes, they witness the daily struggle and grapple of their loved ones. While it is already physically and mentally draining to the patient, to begin with, we as family or caretakers are not exempted at all. More than financial matters of getting sick, it's also the emotional and mental anguish that comes along with it that affects our relationship with our patients. Palliative care understands that feeling; that's why together with the professionals, we are being educated with the required care and support that patients need from us. Let them feel and know that we are present throughout their whole journey by inducing care and positivity.

Undoubtedly, palliative care works. We may never change the outcome, but we can certainly change the journey. Palliative care is self-care, and self-care is self-love in alignment with the power of medicine and science. How cool and great is that? If you want to learn more about the details of palliative care, click the following link:

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