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What is Palliative Care in Aged Care
& Why Do You Need One?

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Your whole life can flash before your eyes when learning that you have a severe illness that you cannot recover from. In knowing this, there comes huge burdens as to how the rest of your life will play out and with many, it can be overbearing. The main thing you want to know is, is there anything that can help you along the way. Now, although no medication can reverse a severe illness there are programs designed to help aid in living a richer, fuller, and guaranteed happier life. A palliative care in aged care program being one of those options.

What is Palliative care?

Palliative care is suggested when a team of nurses and doctors believe that there should be specialized medical care given to patients that are in need of relief from their symptoms and/ or stress from their illnesses. When this type of treatment plan is suggested, people usually believe it is for someone in their last days, however, this treatment is used in order to help assist with treatment options and give patients a better quality outlook on their livelihood. This care is provided to anyone with any serious illness, no matter the stage they are already in. Depending on whether doctors were able to be there for the beginning stages, determines the quickness ability when providing comfort, emotional and overall support to their patient.

What is Palliative Care in Aged Care?

Wondered what is palliative care in aged care? These programs are put in place to assist with allowing patients to continue a comfortable life as much as possible considering their severe illnesses. Alongside doctors, patients are given full support by resident nurses and their families. Palliative care has been founded on the power of loving touch where trained staff creates sensory stimulation activities. These activities are created by using therapeutic touch, aromatherapy, music and sensory experiences. By introducing these activities into patient lives, doctors believe that they are bringing about a more relaxing, fulfilling environment, the reduced need for over medicating, a decrease in pain, fewer incidents of hostile patients and the increase of overall social interaction, all of which will provide a better mood for patients and their support groups.

Why is Palliative Care in aged care Needed?

Palliative care is needed because of the effectiveness that has been proven to help aid people that are facing terminal and serious illnesses. There have been many trials that will show people who have benefited from the program with better outcomes over their situation. Although this type of care will not save a patient, the proper palliative care education will allow a patient the support and eligibility to experience a happier and better quality life. Creating a support team early on within a serious illness, can do many things for a patient and one of those being a longer life expectancy due to having the support that many do not believe they have. This program also reduces the need for constant hospitalizations by allowing patients to have a supportive game plan within their own comfort and home.

How to Get Palliative Care:

  • You may be any age when requesting palliative care, the main factor would be being diagnosed with a serious illness that cannot be cured.
  • Beginning palliative care will determine the stage of your illness, the sooner the better.
  • Talking with your doctor when you are first diagnosed will help the process begin a bit quicker. In most cases, this program is given to patients within a hospital setting, however most transfer to their home setting when they have been introduced to the potential outcome palliative care has to offer.

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