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5 Things to Pack Before Going to Rehab

Going to Rehab

Suppose you plan to go to a rehabilitation center, very well done! Choosing to take an addiction treatment is undoubtedly a significantly positive decision to end your misery. Many drug addicts already know they need treatment but avoid it, scared of judgments, fear of the treatments, and the constant desire to continue using the addictive substance. They think the continuous use of the substance is the only effective treatment for them. And that is why they fall deeper into the pit of addiction, making a recovery even more difficult. Hence, the sooner you decide to attend the rehab, the better. Rehabilitation sessions will reveal various addiction treatments to you. If you cooperate, you will be back to normal life in no time.

Now that you have set up your mind let’s get to packing. Unfortunately, packing for rehab can be a little tricky since you cannot take everything you want. Nevertheless, take a deep breath and panic as little as possible to make the process easier. The article has everything sorted out for you regarding what to take and what to leave.

The checklist depends on the type of treatment and the center.

In the United States, there’s excessive paperwork related to rehab regulations. Countries, including the UK, realize making rehabs less complicated and more friendly; they are lenient in the policies.

So, if you consider going for any addiction treatment options in the UK, you are more likely to be greeted by a hospitable staff that will look at the stuff coming with you. In particular, your packing checklist depends upon the rehab you are attending. Some rehabs give you their checklist when you register for them due to their strict policies. Others may go a little easy, but they too have their “must not” that you should avoid taking along. So, care more about the treatment and less about the equipment when we provide you with everything you need to know. Here are some of the important things that can safely find their way to your rehab baggage.

Simple And Comfortable Clothes

You can accept some rehabs to have a unified dress code; if that is the case, they will inform you after registration. Try to stick to the guidelines and not pack anything prohibited to help get yourself cornered from any extra stress. Pack what is comfortable and simple since you will have to spend a lot of time amidst people in group sessions; you need to look decent and presentable. Avoid flashy and revealing clothes to avoid embarrassment while putting your feelings and problems out. Pack according to the weather of the area of your rehab. Have layering options such as cardigans, sweaters, and jackets.

You are most likely to do your laundry at the center, which is part of the treatment in many cases. Therefore, it will be enough to have comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing that can go on for a week. You can add a sweater, shirts, pants, shorts, socks, undergarments, bathing suits, and comfortable shoes to your clothing list. You can also add a piece or two that you like to wear during exercise and workouts. Don’t overstuff because your living facility might not be too large.

Personal Hygiene Items And Toiletries

Once you have what you will be wearing and every clothing item is in your bag, make a checklist for the items you use for personal hygiene. Make sure only to add essentials. Do not carry too many fragrances because they can be problematic. What can you bring? Add toothbrush, toothpaste, comb or hairbrush, moisturizer and lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, and basic makeup. You can also carry a hairdryer in most cases.

However, about the electrical appliances, it is better to look at the rehab’s website or the guideline documents given to you at the time of registration to check if they go against their policy. It is always recommended or some extra to go for one month only. In this way, if you spill some of it accidentally, you will have plenty of it left.

Things That Give You A Boost

Often things that we usually use make us happy and feel comfortable. It can be a shirt or an item of jewelry, a picture, favorite journal, your blanket, a pillow, or anything that brings a smile and gives comfort. Most rehabs understand these affiliations and allow you to carry them with you. Even then, you should only take essential jewelry items such as a bracelet you always wear, a chain, a ring, or others that do not serve as a barrier to your recovery or be dangerous for other patients.

Documents And Offical Papers

Your packing must accommodate other important things such as documents and papers. These may include your identity cards, past medical records, insurance cards, debit, credit cards, checkbooks, and a reasonable amount of cash. It is better to bring your State identity card, passport, or driver’s license for identification since they all have your photo.

Medical Prescriptions And Records

It is essential to carry all the medications and the prescriptions when you go to rehab. However, the liquids need to be sealed in their original containers and information sticker. Therefore, you might have to buy new ones while coming for rehab. The prescription should have the same company names as your containers and the prescribed dosage with your physician’s name and contact number. You can expect to have your medications kept under a supervisor and only given to you on their timings.

What should you not take along with you?

While we made a list of the things you can take along with you, discussing what you cannot take is only fair. These may include sharp objects like scissors, knives, or any potentially harmful object. You should also not take unprescribed drugs such as tranquilizers, narcotics, or sedatives. In addition to that, most rehabs have a canteen, and you get food inside, so you cannot bring your food items. Electronic cigarettes, vapes, or any other snorting equipment is also prohibited.


Don’t panic when you are packing for the rehab because it is only as stressful as you make it. As long as you are not taking anything you shouldn’t be, you’re safe. However, if you’re carrying something against the rehab’s policy. The rehab management may hold it back at the time of your admission and nothing else, no going back and no drama. In other cases, they will send it back with your guardian or anyone who came to leave you or may give it to you when you leave the facility after your stay. To prevent this all, follow the guidelines you received from them or call to ask if you haven’t.

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