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Trouble Sleeping at Night?
Here Is How to Overcome Insomnia

Anxiety, stress, daily struggles and problems at work all take their toll on our private lives, leading to health problems, including insomnia. A lack of goodnight sleep can further accentuate signs of irritation, anxiety, and depression which can make you perform poorer at your job.

Hopefully, these tips and easy tricks will cure your insomnia and help you finally get that well-deserved rest.

Sticking to a sleep schedule

Humans are complicated beings and not all have the same sleeping patterns and needs. Some prefer practicing polyphasic sleep, while others require as little as 4 hours of sleep per night to be fully functional. Einstein, for instance, used to sleep at least 9 hours daily, and he still had enough time to come up with revolutionary theories.

However, regardless of how much rest your body needs, sticking to a sleeping schedule is beneficial. It may be hard to adjust to a certain hour at first but if you practice this easy trick every day for at least two weeks, you will develop a sleeping pattern and fall asleep around the same time.

Exercise daily

Physical activity is known to release endorphins to combat stress, anxiety, insomnia, and even signs of depression. It will boost your energy levels and help you feel stronger, healthier, and happier.

As little as 15 minutes of cardio daily or 10 minutes of stretching (Pilates or Yoga work just as fine) can help you fall asleep easier as your body starts to relax and release tension and pressure.

Moreover, sticking to a healthy sports routine will positively impact your body and your productivity. You will easily lose weight, get back in shape, tone your muscles, and have enough energy to finish all your tasks on time.

According to doctors and researchers, the best time to practice sport is early in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach.

Make your bedroom your sanctuary

While some people are blessed with being able to fall asleep literally anytime, anywhere, others require a certain routine to shut off their minds and get some rest. If you are part of the second category, you need to evaluate your room and make sure it follows the perfect “protocol” to smoothen your sleep.

First of all, the bedroom should be cool. Keeping an optimum temperature of a maximum of 67 degrees is perfect for falling asleep. Bedrooms that are too hot can cause you to toss and fuss, sweat, and disrupt your sleeping patterns while those that are too cold can cause you to double up and wake up with bone and back pains.

Secondly, make sure your bedroom is free from any light and noise. Turn out the lights and cover the windows with blinders if you need to - extreme darkness will help your brain relax better and assist it throughout the sleeping process. Earplugs and white noise machines may also help to keep you distracted from any sounds that might interfere with your sleep, including a snoring partner.

Listen to soft music

As opposed to rhythmic music that makes you want to dance or exercise, soft music can help you calm down and relax faster. Learn the differences between musical instruments and the sound they deliver to make sure you listen to the right type of tracks to help you fall asleep easier.

For instance, acoustic violins and pianos deliver a soft, smooth sound that allows you to meditate and relax. On the contrary, drums, electric guitars or violins from brands like Bunnel Edge deliver sharper, higher sounds that might stimulate your brain even more.

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