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8 Guidelines on How to Order the
Right Wine at the Restaurant

Order the Right Wine

By Audrey Hamilton

Exceptional wines at the restaurant are one of the best parts about dining out. A right glass or bottle of wine creates a perfect meal. Some people will feel awkwardness when they are in the situation. Some of us tend to look for the characteristics of the wine offered in the restaurant and compare it with the wines we usually drink inside our house.

You don’t need to consult an expert in ordering wine and express your dinner companion. This article will give you the right details and guidelines in choosing a wine at any restaurants. Check out these top guidelines on how to pick and order wine without feeling awkward.

Start with a Lighter Wine

Some people especially those beginners will order a heavy bottle of wine and in the end, it will just ruin their appetite as they are not really used to it. This is not a new mistake anymore. After the meal, some people will be just constipated and feel tired due to the heavy glass wine they drunk.

Most chefs in the restaurant usually serve lighter courses of wine at every beginning of the meal as a mild start. Chefs already knew the bottle of heavy drinks is not suitable for a starving tummy. The best choice when ordering a glass of wine at the restaurant is to choose something rejuvenating and crisp, and something light.

Observe and Follow the Tasting Notes

If you are new to the world of wine, better observe the provided tasting notes. There are unfamiliar and mysterious names you can read, but don’t be stressed with it. You can call the waiter and ask for guidance. Don’t be too hesitant too in asking the waiter what is the exact dish that could best be paired with it.

Do Not Base Everything on the Price

Some people are being tempted by the price of wine. However, do not do so. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most drinkers make. They tend to order the most expensive wine on the menu and will be dismayed afterward.

Some people can’t determine the difference between a $60 wine and a $300 wine. They just base everything in the price without knowing that a particular bottle will suit their taste. Save your money for a better taste.

Don’t Easily Grab the Bottle

Verify the bottle when the waiter comes over and give it to you. Simply verify the wine and make sure that it is the one that you have ordered. Verify everything before it serves. There are times that mistakes happen more often at the restaurant especially if the menu of the restaurant offers numerous wines with the same producer. These wines almost look the same.

Approve the Wine Sample

This mostly works for beginners. There are some restaurants that provide sample wines. Approving the sample wine is a great way to tell the waiter to pour your glass. Sample wines will let you have an idea of what exactly the type of wine you are looking for.

Eliminate Some Wines in your List

The producer of the wine, the vintage, the grape varietal, and the price are the essential considerations that you should include in your wine list. However, not all restaurants offer the ideal wines written on your list. Waiters will ask you to hand over your wine list when you sit down. They will just give you a menu.

Once they give to you the menu, try to compare it with your wine list. But, keep in mind that your wine list is true and should be followed at any circumstances. Be cool and calm though. The server might suggest wines that will still suit your preference. You can find wines similar to your taste, but not exactly.

Ask yourself if it’s White or Red

Simply ask yourself if it is red wine, white wine, or a kind of Chardonnay wines such as Brewer-Clifton Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills you are exactly looking for. You can also ask your dinner companion for a suggestion. If you prefer red wine, pair it with poultry dishes, salmon, and light meats with tomato sauce. If you prefer white wine, pair it with light fish dishes such as tilapia and cod, and shellfish.

Learn how to Communicate with the Server

Tell the server what you like and don’t like about the wine. Also, tell them what price you are exactly looking for. Communication with the waiter is essential to give the bottle of wine that suits your taste.


Stick to these guidelines every time you’re in the restaurant to order a bottle of wine. There's always a sample of wines and if not sure what you prefer, take your time tasting each sample to find a wine that suits your palate. It will always be worthy to try.

About the Author:
Audrey Hamilton is a freelance writer. Most of her articles focus on different wine. She is a blogger for more than four years. She spent most of her time reading and discovering different wine producers in the world. She is best known for her descriptive and informative way of writing. In her free time, she takes time to visit sites like Sokolin wines to gain more knowledge about her interest.

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