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6 Most Common Types of Oral Medications
for Dogs In 2021

There are a variety of different ways you can give medication to your dog. In terms of oral medications, you can go with tablets, chews, liquids, and suspensions. The kind of medicine that you give to your pet highly depends on the pet’s willingness to be medicated by a certain medication format. You might have to try out different kinds of oral medications before you find the one that works for your pet.

When your dog is suffering from a health problem, getting medicated is the only way for the pet to start feeling better again. But you need to figure out the kind of medicine that your pet can easily take without hesitation. You need to find the oral medication that your pet is comfortable with.

We are going to talk about the 4 most common oral medications for your dog. After consulting your vet, you can try out these different formats of medication to find the one that works the best for your dog.

1. Tablets

Tablets are the most common health supplements for dogs. Some tablets are made in a way that makes them easily consumable by dogs. These tablets are coated with flavors that dogs feel attracted to and willingly. But even that won’t be the case for all dogs.

You can try to give these tablets to your dog by putting them in the Dog Food. You can disguise these tablets in their meal. Still, finding the tablets that don’t taste bad is your best bet.

2. Flexpet Tablets

Flexpet Tablets for regular strength taste good and are the best choice for dogs. These tablets contain natural ingredients that smell and taste good. Your dog won’t feel anything weird when taking these tablets. Flexpet tablets are easy to consume for dogs and help alleviate joint pain for them.

3. Chews

Some oral medications come in the form of chews for dogs. These chews are flavored and feel just like a treat to the dogs. If your dog is supposed to take regular medication, then using chews is your best bet. You can get your dog to be used to taking these chews so that they get a regular intake of the medication that they are supposed to get.

4. Flexpet Chews

Flexpet chews are the easiest to consume for dogs. These chews are meant for dogs that develop arthritis or joint pain issues. This medication contains natural ingredients that help dogs suffering from severe joint pain issues alleviate their pain. This medication also helps restore their energy and makes them feel healthy and active again.

5. Liquids

Liquid medication can be mixed with most foods that your dog loves. But you need to find the medication that tastes and smells natural. If you get flavored liquids, then that would be even easier for you to give to your dog.

Dogs have a sensitive sense of smell. So, the liquid medication that you are giving them needs to be perfectly made in a way that doesn’t create aversion and instead come off as appealing to the dog. This is an essential aspect that you need to keep in mind with liquid oral medication for your dog.

6. Suspensions

Oral Suspensions are medicines that are mixed in liquids that you give to your dog daily. There are a lot of easy to use liquid suspensions for dogs that you can find online. Getting your dog to take this kind of medication is quite tricky. Although it can be mixed with Dog Food, it can be easily sniffed. And your dog won’t take it if they feel something’s not right. Still, if that is what your vet has recommended, this is what you need to get for your dog.

Final Words

According to the technomono studies about the common types of the oral medication for dogs the one Size Fits All approach doesn’t work with dogs. Every dog has different needs and preferences. And when your dog is sick, they are most likely not to cooperate with you to the degree that you’d expect.

So, to give your dog proper medication, you must know the proclivity of your dog towards a certain format of medication. Try the types of oral medication that we have talked about here for finding the one that works the best for your dog.

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